These manicures are beautiful and white

Nail art as a decorative finger, not only can beautify our fingers, but also highlight our own temperament, so with the development of The Times more and more attention by girls. So, what are the popular nail styles in 2023? Here are 11 examples of how women look white.


Spring is still to do fresh and gentle nail art, gentle and romantic bean paste pink, with fresh and natural bean green, the hand is very durable.

Pink nail art

Fresh Flower Nail Art

Fresh peach nude manicure, done with halo, embellished with seashells and gold foil, fresh five-petal flower on hand, rose gold small steel ball as three-dimensional flower core, ice jelly feeling with quiet soft beauty, commute or party, are super beautiful.

Avocado green nail art

Today’s avocado green nail art, super suitable for spring and summer, the same color collocation is simply not too comfortable, it is so gentle, green + white color is very healing, and super temperament, no problem young girls, the real color of this nail art is better than photos! You don’t get that kind of sophistication.

French bean paste manicure

I did a crisp, chilled bean paste French manicure, pure silk, lust, and super white! Bean paste this color is really amazing, like jelly Q play and clear! The white dots jump color is simple and advanced, and the temperament is not picked.

Gradient nail art

This gradual manicure is too gentle, gentle like water, clear jelly feeling is good for spring, the color of ice is always so durable, simple gradual change + monochromatic dye is very good.

Flesh pink nail art

At the first sight of this color, the whole person seems to become sweet! Warm meat pink rose tone, want to bite, full color, is a gentle little sister must! Work and class are held, clear natural quiet elegant, black and yellow sisters can also close their eyes, probably the most white pink in the world.

Red gradient manicure

Spring’s red manicure is white and has its own class! The gradual effect is really super versatile, the index finger simple cloud dye with buling buling glitter embellished good flash, the thumb and ring finger through the bean sand color base 2 times the color super gentle, hand-painted white ice camellia elegant and charming, tapping suitable for spring flower manicure must be arranged.

Pink green nail art

No one can resist the beautiful pink, and this green, super soft hands, together with the spring is coming, and with the gray sweater sweater super white and chic!

Jelly nail

This manicure hand is also too fairy, clear and moist jelly color white and temperament, minimalist line style with bling, a very high match, and super cool feeling in spring.

Iced tea amber Manicure

Transparent iced tea amber special white, flower embellish fingertips spring and summer breath coming, ring finger milk white flower lovely and girl, full of warm oil girl heart burst, this color is too beautiful.

Nail art technique

1, manicure method is very simple, first trim the nail shape, and then apply nail polish can be used, the tools are nail clippers, fingernail pliers, plastic brush, nail file, primer oil, nail polish, sealing layer, polishing sponge, scrub block, light therapy lamp and so on.

2, the first step is to wash your hands, clean your hands and trim your fingers. You can first remove the dead skin around your nails with finger tongs, and then polish the surface of your nails with polishing cotton and scrub blocks to make your nails shine.

3, with nail clippers and nail files in accordance with the requirements to trim the nails, and strive to be neat and clean, and then apply a layer of primer oil on the nails, enhance nail hardness, reduce nail polish damage to the nails, you can use the light therapy lamp to bake the nails, let the primer dry as soon as possible.

4, then is to apply nail polish, generally to apply two to three layers, if you like the color is a little light, apply one or two layers is also OK, it should be noted that it is best to apply a layer of nail polish with light therapy lamp baking once, so as not to spend the nails.

5. Finally, apply the sealing layer to make the nail polish more colorful and durable. When baking the sealing layer with the light therapy machine, you can bake it for a while to strengthen the hardness of the nail polish. After applying, you can touch up your nail polish to make it as perfect as possible.

6, it should be noted that you can not frequent nail, otherwise it will damage the nails, and even cancer, generally about six months to do a nail is acceptable.

The above is the knowledge sharing about nail art, recommended many beautiful colors of nail art, but also provides the technical method of nail art, be sure to look carefully oh.

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