Top 8 food recommendations in Lanzhou, China

China’s Lanzhou food is very much loved by many people, this article will take you to know Lanzhou eight food, next time you come to Lanzhou, must not miss these food oh.

Lanzhou pulled noodles

Lanzhou noodle can be said to be a very famous characteristic food in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, is very popular all over the country, is one of the top ten noodles in China, not only delicious noodles, soup is also very good to drink.

Braised mutton

Braised lamb is made from a selection of lamb, deep-fried and smothered, braised vermicelli, potatoes and peppers. The meat was tender and fat, but not greasy. The most important side dish is the vermicelli, which is also the staple of braised lamb. It’s most delicious when mixed with soup.

Roasted mutton

Kebabs are also a popular street snack in Lanzhou. They were worn with iron tongs. The meat is small, crisp, tender and delicious. When you come to Lanzhou, you must try it. In Lanzhou, a city where you can’t live without beef and mutton, mutton kebabs are naturally an addictive delicacy that foreign visitors have to try.

Beef noodles

Beef noodles are one of the traditional delicacies in Lanzhou. It consists of long thin noodles and beef broth. The broth of beef noodles is made from beef bones, and the broth is clear and fragrant, which complements the noodles. In Lanzhou, you can find all kinds of beef noodles, including braised beef noodles, clear soup beef noodles, hot and sour beef noodles and so on.

Stuffed hide

In Lanzhou must eat the top ten food is the local restaurants and even the streets are everywhere to see the food, it is divided into reinforced and unreinforced two kinds of seasoning is very rich, hot and sour cool, flexible and delicious feeling after eating will only be full of praise.

Grasping pancake

A pancake is a kind of pancake filled with various fillings, such as minced meat, vegetables, condiments, etc., and then rolled up and eaten by hand. It is a common choice for breakfast in Lanzhou and is loved by people.

Stuffed hide

Stuffed skin is a thin skin made of flour, stuffed with meat, tofu, bean sprouts, etc., and then steamed. Soft texture, delicious taste.

Lanzhou shaobo

Lanzhou shaobao is a kind of snack, crisp outside soft inside, can be filled with minced meat, vegetables, etc., rich taste.

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