Top ten cuisines in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a first-tier city in China, with lots of job opportunities, lots of tourist attractions and, of course, lots of food. Today, we are going to introduce ten delicious foods in Guangzhou, which must not be missed.

Rice noodle roll

Sausage noodles are the most popular breakfast in Guangdong and are a favorite snack for most people. Nowadays, sausage noodles have been spread all over the country and can be found in almost every city. This snack has appeared since the Tang Dynasty. It is a true traditional delicacy. Cantonese sausage powder looks white as snowflakes, thin as cicada wings, crystal clear, taste fresh and fragrant, delicate and smooth, and a little tenacity, let people eat unforgettable. It is rich in protein, trace elements, vitamins and so on. It has the effect of strengthening health and prolonging life, especially suitable for malnourished children and adolescents.

Soup rice

Claypot rice is a favorite staple food in Guangdong. The rice is full of the aroma of dried rice. Each rice grain is wrapped in the soup, crystal clear and full of oil. The most excellent also belongs to the bottom of the casserole that layer of “pot”, panic crisp, full of taste, successfully captured my heart, it is too fragrant!

Barbecued pork bun

Barbecued pork bun is an indispensable part of Cantonese morning tea. The length of a pork bun is about five centimeters, and the size is moderate. Inside is wrapped in minced seasoning into the filling of barbecued pork, a break will be able to see soaked in the broth of the meat filling, emitting bursts of barbecued aroma, bite on a bite, lips and teeth remain fragrant, and the end there is a trace of back sweet.

Water Chestnut Cake

The last thing I want to share with you is a dessert called “horseshoe cake”. Horseshoe cake is a very traditional Cantonese dessert in Guangzhou, which tastes sweet and melts in the mouth. I thought it was a precious snack, but I asked the owner’s wife to know that the raw materials are only sweet potato powder and sugar, etc. After simple seasoning, it has become a delicious treat for all ages.

Wonton noodles

When it comes to authentic Guangzhou cuisine, Wonton noodles have their place.

Wonton noodles are bamboo noodles, which are handmade noodles made from bamboo sticks. Soup head with fish bones, shrimp and other more than ten kinds of ingredients cooked for a long time, the soup is clear and not cloudy;

And Wonton thin skin meat, meat filling is full, three fat seven thin, unique taste, so that it has become a leader in Cantonese cuisine.

Stir-fried beef river

Stir-fried beef river is a special dish in Guangzhou, so you can eat it at street food stalls or restaurants. The color is oily and shiny, the flour is smooth and elastic, and the beef is very smooth and tender.

It seems homely, in fact, it is very difficult, the shahe powder of this dish is the key to stir-fry beef river, and the soul is to fry the pot gas, which is a test of the chef’s skills.

Fried noodles look oily, but the dish can not stick to the oil, the finished product is not greasy, refreshing taste.

Double skin cream

Double skin milk, as the name suggests, is a milk product with two layers of milk skin, which is found in many sugar water shops in Guangdong.

Originating in Shunde, Guangdong Province during the Qing Dynasty, it is steamed and stewed with fresh buffalo milk, egg white and sugar to form two layers of milk skin on its surface.

The upper layer of milk skin is sweet, the lower layer of milk skin is smooth and smooth, the taste is smooth and delicate, and the mouth is melted, and the eating is unforgettable.

Shrimp dumpling

Shrimp dumplings are one of the famous traditional snacks in Guangdong. They were founded in a small family-style teahouse in Wufeng Township, Wucun, a suburb of Guangzhou in the early 20th century.

Boiled Chicken Slices

White cut chicken is one of the traditional hot dishes in Guangdong, with boiled chicken as the main material, with ginger and onion juice, soy sauce and other condiments, taste tender and delicious, is the most favorite hot dish in Guangdong.

Beef brisket with radish

With white radish, fresh beef brisket, with condiments for a long time stewed, as long as the beef is not braised, the longer the braised, the more delicious.

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