Types of pearls

Pearl is a naturally occurring organic gemstone, which is loved by people for its unique luster and beautiful appearance. Pearls are mainly divided into two types: natural pearls and cultured pearls, and in these two types, they can be classified in more detail according to factors such as the form, source and color.

1. Natural pearls

1.1 Freshwater pearls: mainly produced in freshwater lakes, rivers and ponds, with China as the main producing area. The color of freshwater pearls is diverse, can be white, pink, purple, etc., and the shape is also more changeable, including round, oval and so on.

1.2 Sea pearls: from the pearl rich sea areas, such as Japan, Australia, France and Thailand. Seawater pearls usually show a richer color, including white, pink, gold and black, and the shape is mainly round and semi-round beads.

1.3 South China Sea Pearl: Produced in the South China Sea area, it is a kind of high-quality sea water pearl. South Sea pearls are known for being large, round, and intensely shiny, usually white or pale yellow.

2. Cultured pearls

2.1 Freshwater cultured pearls: Most freshwater pearls are cultured in captivity. During the cultivation process, pearl shells are stimulated by foreign bodies implanted in the freshwater environment, forming pearl sacs and eventually forming pearls.

2.2 Mariculture pearls: Mariculture pearls are mainly used by mussels, such as the mussel mussel of Japan. By implanting nucleus and tissue stimulation in the mussel, it causes it to secrete pearl and form pearl.

3. Color type

3.1 White pearls: the most common pearl color, especially white seawater pearls and freshwater pearls.

3.2 Black pearls: Black pearls are usually sea pearls and are popular for their deep color and unique luster.

3.3 Pink pearl: Usually a color found in freshwater pearls, it has a soft pink color.

3.4 Golden pearl: Golden pearl is a more precious sea pearl, showing a golden luster.

There are many types of pearls, each with its own unique charm. When choosing pearls that suit your tastes and needs, you can take into account aspects such as color, shape and origin.

Then let’s understand what are the precautions for buying pearls?

Pearl purchase should pay attention to size

As far as the size of the pearl is concerned, the more precious it is naturally, the so-called “seven points of beads and eight treasures”. However, the standards of different countries are different, and the division of pearl grades is different.

Paying attention to color

Pay attention to color when purchasing pearls. On the color difference of pearls, it can be divided into three categories: white beads, black beads, colored beads, or divided into three color series according to the different shades of color.

Paying attention to shape

Pearl purchase should pay attention to the shape. As far as the shape difference of pearls is concerned, the first is the top round bead, with a round ball, which shows the characteristics of high roundness, rich pearl luster and fine texture and compact skin, which is the top quality of pearls.

The above is about pearls related knowledge sharing, I hope it can help you.

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