Types of yoga

I have practiced yoga for nearly 5 years and found that it is indeed a very good way to exercise. Through practicing yoga, my body has become better, my mentality has become better, and my heart has become more relaxed. This article mainly writes Types of Yoga.

Hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga mainly uses body posture, breathing, and relaxation techniques to achieve training purposes. These tips are great for the nervous system, digestive system, reproductive system, various glands, and internal organs. Usually, headaches and bad stomachs can be effectively improved through practice.

Suitable for the crowd: Hatha yoga, which is very casual and slow, is very suitable for beginners of yoga.

Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga strengthens the body through a combination of flowing movements, emphasizing the harmony of movement and breathing, and focusing on comprehensive exercises such as stretching, strength, flexibility, endurance, and concentration.

Suitable for the crowd: Suitable for healthy young people, those who want to lose weight and detoxify, and those who have practiced Hatha Yoga for more than half a year. It is not recommended for the infirm to practice. It also has a good conditioning effect on people with mild autism and inattentiveness.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga combines the advantages of medicine on the basis of yoga practice and also combines the essence of Chinese Taoism. It emphasizes the relaxation of the whole body, clearing the mind, slow and natural breathing combined with long-term action maintenance, in the natural state of muscle relaxation to achieve the state of physical and mental unity.

Suitable for the crowd: Yin yoga can be practiced by men, women, and children of all ages, but because the asana movements need to be maintained for a long time, it is recommended that people who have a certain basic hatha yoga practice learn, and those with bone injuries should consult a doctor first.

Aerial yoga

Aerial Yoga uses an aerial yoga hammock to complete the asanas of Hatha Yoga. Practitioners feel the body weight, deepen the stretching, resistance, and upright ability of the asana, which has efficient relaxation, healing, and slimming effects, and is more interesting and interactive.

Suitable for the crowd: Those who need to lose weight urgently, those who are too stressed and long for calm. Shoulder and neck, spine conditioner, self-confidence improvement, depression, postpartum repair people. Heart disease, and high blood pressure patients are not suitable for exercise.


Pilates incorporates some concepts of yoga, tai chi, and ballet, as well as the coach’s personalized content. It is a kind of external training for muscles, joints, etc. Its training method follows the exercise principle of using one’s own body weight, multiple times, small weight, and meditation. The breathing method during training is nose breathing and mouth breathing. It can improve the function of the human spine and lumbar spine by changing the function of human muscles.

Suitable for the crowd: healthy people, the elderly, children, and pregnant women, please practice under the guidance of professional coaches.

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