Walnut Birthday Cake Recipe

1. Materials: cake, walnuts, whipped cream, caster sugar, strawberries, silver beads, etc.

2. Walnut peeling and meat

3. Bake in a preheated 180-degree oven for about 8 minutes, until the color turns yellow and smells good.

4. Cool toasted walnuts and chop with scissors

5. Soak strawberries in salt for 10 minutes, wash and set aside

6.250 grams of cream and 25 grams of caster sugar are beaten to 9 soft peaks for use

7. Three slices of cake

8. Put the top slice on the bottom, the burnt side down and the cut side on top, just turn the cake over, spread a layer of cream, and sprinkle with strawberries

9. Spread a little more cream to cover the strawberries and cover the cake in the middle

10. After covering the third piece of cake, apply the cream to the whole cake, and try to smooth it out, it doesn’t matter if it is uneven, because the decoration at the back will cover it up

11. Use 2 spatulas to insert the creamed cake base from the bottom and transfer it to the cardboard of the cake box

12. Do not stain the cake surface with chopped walnuts

13. Squeeze your favorite pattern on the cake

14. Cut the strawberry half in half, close to the cream circle for decoration, and place the whole walnut in the middle to complete

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