What are the ingredients of lipstick?

The ingredients of lipstick can be varied and usually include the following main ingredients:

Wax: Wax is one of the main components of lipstick, which gives it its solid shape. Common waxes include beeswax, carnauba wax, camellia wax and tallow wax. Different types of wax can affect the texture and moisture of a lipstick.

Grease: Grease is the ingredient used to give lipstick its moisturizing properties. These oils can be vegetable oils, mineral oils, lip balms, or other natural oils. They help make lipstick easier to apply and keep lips moist.

Pigment: Pigment is the key ingredient that gives lipstick color. Different types of pigments and pigment combinations can produce a variety of lipstick colors, from natural tones to vibrant red lips.

Additives: Lipsticks may contain additives such as preservatives, antioxidants, flavors, and ingredients that adjust the taste. These additives can improve the shelf life, stability and taste of lipstick.

Flavors and fragrances: Flavors and fragrances are used to impart specific smells and flavors to lipsticks. Flavors and fragrances in lipstick usually only need to be added in small amounts to ensure that the product has a pleasant smell.

Sunscreen: Some lipsticks have sunscreen ingredients added to provide extra sun protection on the lips. This is very important to protect your lips from UV damage.

Vitamins and antioxidants: Some high-end lipstick brands may add vitamins and antioxidants to provide additional skin care benefits. These ingredients can help protect your lips from environmental damage.

Lip moisturizing ingredients: Some lipsticks have added lip moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or aloe vera extract, to increase moisture and comfort on the lips.

Overall, lipstick ingredients can vary by brand and product. When buying lipstick, you can look at the product’s ingredient list to understand the specific ingredients contained in the lipstick and make sure to choose the lipstick that is right for you. If you are allergic to certain ingredients or have special lipstick needs, it is recommended to consult with a beauty consultant or dermatologist.

What are the main ingredients of lipstick introduced above? Let’s learn how to test the safety of lipstick.

First you open your lipstick, put it on the back of your hand, and then you need that kitchen staple, table salt. Take out the salt and sprinkle it on the lipstick, then evenly apply the salt to the lipstick with your hands, and let it sit for five minutes.

After five minutes, we can observe the color of the salt. If it is only red with lipstick, it proves that the lipstick is safe. If the salt turns black or gray, it proves that the lead and mercury in the lipstick exceed the standard, then do not use such lipstick, and hurriedly throw it into the trash can, after all, often apply lipstick with excessive chemical composition, slowly the color of the lip corrosion will become darker and darker, and even black in severe cases.

Finally, let’s take you to understand the warranty period of lipstick

1. The shelf life of lipstick is usually three years, but it is best to use it within one year after opening

The shelf life of lipstick is usually three years, but you should look at its expiration time when you buy it, and some lipsticks are temporary products and will not be kept for long. In addition, the lipstick after opening is easy to oxidize, and it is best to use it within a year, rather than focusing on its theoretical shelf life.

2. If the lipstick is not used often after opening, it can be refrigerated to avoid deterioration or melting of the lipstick

Girls must have more than one lipstick, some color number at the beginning like, use a few times to put it on hold, this lipstick is not often used after opening, can be sealed with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator to avoid long-term exposure to the air oxidation, or the weather is too hot when the melt.

3. After opening, the color of the lipstick becomes pale and the taste is strange, which is metamorphism and should not be continued

After opening the lipstick for a long time, if the color becomes pale, the separation of water and oil, and the situation of strange taste, it indicates that it has deteriorated, and it is not suitable to continue to use, and the harmful substances after the lipstick is smeared on the lips, it is easy to eat it when eating and drinking, which is not good for human health.

So what are the ingredients of lipstick? Lipstick related knowledge sharing, I hope to help you.

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