What are the materials of the bag?

In terms of the material of the bag, it is estimated that there are many bag controls of various kinds, and there are many kinds of bags. What are the materials of the bag? This article will give you an idea.


Sheepskin bag is now the most widely used in the bag market, the most popular consumer leather bag, sheepskin is characterized by soft and delicate, very soft, durable.


There are also a lot of PU bags on the market, and it is also a common choice for many women.

Wash skin

Washing skin was still very few in the market a long time ago, and it was widely used later, characterized by flexibility and portability.


Now on the market, many high-end bags and brand bags are basically made of cowhide, cowhide texture is delicate, durable, wear-resistant, feel super good, especially the first layer of cowhide made of cowhide is the best.


Canvas bag is now the most widely used canvas bag, a variety of students should be familiar with it, it is characterized by durable, easy to wash, easy to dry, easy to fold.

Patent leather

Nowadays, most of the lacquer bags on the women’s leather bag market are made into wedding bags, the lacquer bag itself looks more high-end, and the most popular among consumers is red, red represents the festival, patent leather wedding bags are loved by the public, patent leather is characterized by bright color, but a little hard, and easy to dirty.

Korean silk

South Korean silk is a kind of material that has emerged in recent years, this material is delicate and dense, and the most widely used is a backpack.

The above introduces 7 kinds of material bags, next to understand, when the bag has been used for a long time and begins to get dirty, how should we clean it?

Step one: Apply detergent.

If it is a leather bag, apply leather cleaner to the dirty areas on the surface of the bag. If it’s not real leather, use toothpaste instead or dish soap.

Step two: Soak the dirt.

Wait three to four minutes for the area to soak in dirt before cleaning.

Step three, brush with a brush.

Choose a soft brush or use a soft toothbrush. If using toothpaste, brush it with water. Do not use too much force when brushing, gently brush, and repeat several times.

Step 4: Wipe the surface of the bag.

Use a light-colored cloth or towel, preferably white, to wipe off the surface of the bag where you just brushed it.

Step five, let dry.

Put the cleaned bag in a cool place indoors and let it dry slowly. Keep out of direct sun.

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