What are the types of eye cream?

Eye cream is one of the essential cosmetics for women, the blogger I usually use it, many people do not know much about the knowledge of eye cream, this article will take you to understand the types of eye cream, let’s take a look.

What kinds of eye cream are there?

Firming eye cream

This kind of eye cream generally contains more special nourishing ingredients, and its oiliness is relatively high, mainly for the kind of skin problems that are easy to age, for the kind of women who already have dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.

Moisturizing eye cream

This type of eye cream contains nutrients containing more nourishing ingredients, and its moisturizing ability is also very strong, generally more suitable for autumn and winter relatively dry season, or long-term in the office often open air conditioning environment for women to use.

Anti-allergy eye cream

This kind of eye cream is easier to classify, to be sure, this kind of eye cream is suitable for women with allergic skin.

Anti-aging eye cream

This type of eye cream is generally used for female friends who need more anti-wrinkle, such eye cream is generally suitable for use in the summer or OL use more.

What are the main types of eye cream introduced above? Then let’s learn more about eye cream

Eye cream or serum first?

Answer: Use eye cream first, then serum. Many people don’t know whether to use eye cream or skin care first. In fact, it’s recommended to start with an eye cream. Because the skin around our eyes is fragile, after completing a facial cleanse, we should apply an eye cream after applying a toner, and then apply a serum. If the order is reversed, the skin is easy to produce burden, easy to grow fat particles.

What are the main ingredients in eye cream?

Vitamin C

This ingredient generally only has a certain effect on the surface of the skin, it can effectively activate the antioxidants in the skin to make the skin bright and transparent.

Vitamin A

Such ingredients generally have a certain effect on the deep cells of the eye skin, can fully play a role in regulating the phenomenon of cell keratosis, can be well promoted for collagen fibers, and play a key role in effectively removing fine lines.

Vitamin E

This ingredient can be said to be very useful for the eye skin, it can penetrate into the bottom of the skin to effectively moisturize and hydrate the skin for a long time, and can make the skin around the eyes become tender and shiny.


This ingredient is no stranger to female friends, it can promote the renewal of our skin, effectively activate the cellular components of the bottom of the skin, and has a very significant effect on eliminating eye fatigue or wrinkles.

Finally, take you to understand together in addition to using eye cream, eye care and what are the best ways?

Maintenance method

Eye care includes internal care, external care and special care:

(1) Sleep enough, do not stay up late.

(2) Usually drink more water, avoid drinking a lot of water before going to bed.

(3) Maintain optimism and treat diseases in time, especially endocrine disorders.

(4) Avoid direct sunlight.

(5) Do not develop the bad habit of squinting, blinking, squeezing and rubbing your eyes.

External maintenance

(1) Makeup removal and cleaning: Because the skin around the eyes and eyes is very sensitive and delicate, extreme care should be taken when removing makeup. Makeup remover products for the eyes must be used

(2) Choose the right eye care products: there are eye care products sold on the market, such as eye cream, eye glue, eye serum and so on. The eye cream is moisturizing and nutritive, suitable for those with wrinkles in the eyes; Eye glue is a kind of plant gel-like substance, the composition is mild, easy to absorb and not greasy, suitable for dark circles, bags and so on. It’s usually a serum first, followed by an eye cream or gel. When it is used, the size of mung beans is enough, it is best to apply hot compress and then apply, and cooperate with massage and shiatsu, the effect is better.

(3) Massage and acupressure: Eye massage can promote blood circulation muscle movement around the eyes, bright eyes, clear fatigue.

Specific method: Apply eye care products every night before going to bed, massage with the middle finger or the unnamed finger belly, push the upper eyelid from the eye head to the eye tail direction to the temple gently press, and then gently press the acupoints from the eye tail (in turn for the eyebrow tail silk bamboo point, eyebrow fish belly point, brow Zhuangzhu point, and finally to the eye head Jingming point). The lower eyelid is the same, only the pressure points (in turn, the tail of the eye pupil point, Chengwei point under the center of the lower eye and Sibai point). Each acupoint is subject to acid swelling, 2 seconds after release, repeat 5-6 times.

(4) Eye mask care: 1-2 times a week, to provide special moisturizing and relaxing eyes, can use collagen eye mask care, can also make eye mask (carrot or cucumber mashed juice add vitamin E oil 4-6 drops mixed).

Intensive care

(1) Eyes sour fatigue: milk can be used to wash eyes. Fold the gauze into small pieces, soak it completely in milk, and cover the eyelid for 20-30 minutes, which can enhance the vitality of the eye muscles and relieve fatigue.

(2) Dark circles: The remaining black tea can be used to pack the eyes, used every night before going to bed, 20-30 minutes after taking it off, the effect of acquired dark circles is better.

1, honey method: do not dry the water on your face after washing your face, let it dry naturally, and then

Apply honey around the eyes, massage for a few minutes, and then wait for 10 minutes with clean water, do not wipe off the water to dry naturally, apply the cream can be. It is best to use acacia honey, acacia honey has the effect of clearing heat, removing dampness, diuresis, cooling blood, hemostasis, etc. Acacia honey is water-white, transparent, with acacia fragrance, it is not easy to crystallize, when crystallized, it is fine grained or oily.

2, yogurt method: Dip some yogurt with gauze, apply around the eyes, ten minutes each time.

3. Hot egg massage method: Shell the egg after cooking, wrap it with a small towel, close your eyes and massage around your eyes with eggs to speed up blood circulation.

4. Apple slices for eyes: Slice juicy apples and apply to both eyes for 15 minutes each time.

5, potato slices applied to the eyes: potatoes peeled and cut into about 2 cm thick slices, external application to the eyes for 5 minutes each time.

This article mainly introduces the types of eye cream, but also adds a lot of relevant knowledge about eye cream, I hope to help you.

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