What are the types of paper towels?

Paper towels are a necessity in life. Many people do not know much about the knowledge of paper towels. This article will take us to understand what types of paper towels are.

Facial tissue

It is usually designed with a soft texture to avoid causing irritation or damage to the skin. Some facial wipes may also contain moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe vera or vitamin E, that help protect the skin and keep it soft.


Usually more oil absorption, suitable for wiping the mouth, hands or cleaning utensils during meals. They may have a certain thickness and absorbency to cope with the clutter of a variety of different foods or drinks.

Toilet paper

Is used for toilet paper, mainly used to wipe the body, especially after using the toilet to clean the private parts. General toilet paper will be specially treated to ensure its softness and water absorption.

Kitchen paper towel

Usually has a strong water absorption, used to wipe water stains, clean desktop, kitchen utensils, etc. They may be a little more durable to cope with more clutter and stains in the kitchen environment.

Toilet paper

It is usually used in public places, offices or household toilets to wipe hands. They may have moderate softness and water absorption to ensure comfort and effect when used.

Wet wipe

Contains a wetting agent, usually used to clean, wipe the skin or surface, has a cleaning, antibacterial effect. They are suitable for a variety of occasions such as baby care, travel, outdoor activities, etc.

Cotton pad

It is a soft paper product used as an aid when removing or applying makeup. They can effectively clean facial skin while avoiding excessive friction and irritation to the skin.

Industrial paper towel

It is usually used in industrial production, for wiping machines and equipment, cleaning workplaces, etc. They may be more durable and absorbent to cope with the more demanding requirements of industrial environments.


It is a multi-use tissue that can be washed repeatedly to wipe off mucus, sweat, etc. Handkerchiefs are generally thicker, can be used over and over again, and are suitable to be carried around in a pocket or bag.

Then let’s understand how to buy paper towels?

Testing paper feeling

Touch with the hand, is the most intuitive and the most real feedback to us.

Good paper towels feel very soft, do not drop slag, do not drop crumbs, toughness. The next paper towel feels tighter and has a loose texture. If the paper towel is rough to use, it means that the quality is not good, if the paper towel is very delicate and comfortable, it means that the quality is good.

Looking at the package label

The quality standard on the toilet paper packaging is the hardware condition to measure the quality of toilet paper.

In addition to choosing the brand of tissue paper, it is also necessary to check whether the sanitary paper packaging is marked with the health license number, and the detailed factory name, site and implementation standards, so as to distinguish the true and false.

Testing paper towels for fluorescent agents

Observe the color and brightness of the paper towel under the ultraviolet analyzer. If the optical line of the paper towel is white, it indicates that the paper towel does not contain fluorescent agents. If the light on the paper towel is clearly bright blue, it indicates that it contains a fluorescent agent.

Testing toughness

Good quality toilet paper is generally flexible, requires greater strength to pull open, and the sound is very crisp, you can wet the paper towel, cover the cup, and press the cup wall. Then put one yuan coins on the paper towel, one by one, if you want to put more than a dozen coins before the paper towel will be damaged, indicating that the toughness of the paper towel is very good.

Combustion detection

Burn tissue to test for impurities.

Set the paper towel on fire and burn it in a clean ashtray. If there is no pungent smell during the burning process of the paper towel, after the burning is full, the ash is gray and white, indicating that the paper towel does not contain impurities and is the original pulp paper towel. If the ash is black after full combustion, it indicates that the quality of the paper towel is not good, not the original pulp paper towel.

About the shelf life and storage of paper towels

The service life of paper towels is generally 2-3 years, but pay attention to the storage problem. Try not to store paper towels in damp places, and keep them ventilated and dry. If the paper towel is contaminated, it should be discarded promptly.

The above is about the paper towel related knowledge to share, I hope it can help you.

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