What are the types of pens?

In our daily life, the pen is one of our indispensable tools. Whether at school, in the office, or at home, we all use a variety of pens. However, have you ever wondered what types of pens are available besides the usual pens and ballpoint pens? This article will take you through the different types of pens to gain a deeper understanding of this mundane yet indispensable item.

Oil brush

The oil brush is a special tool used in the creation of oil paintings. It is characterized by a soft nib that can carry and release oily pigments well. The stem of an oil brush is usually made of wood or plastic, and the tip is made of different types of hair or synthetic materials to suit different painting needs. Oil brushes are widely used in the field of painting art, including landscape, portrait, still life and other themes. Due to the characteristics of oil paints, oil brushes can be altered and modified many times on the canvas, so that artists can give full play to the creative imagination and expression.

Piece of chalk

Chalk is a tool used for writing on a blackboard or board. Its main component is calcium carbonate, which has a powder or columnar form. Chalk is widely used in the field of education for teaching, presentation and explanation in the classroom. Teachers can use chalk to write and draw clearly on the blackboard to explain knowledge and content to students. Although the electronic whiteboard has gradually replaced the traditional blackboard with the development of digital technology, chalk is still widely used in some schools and educational institutions.

Water color pen

A watercolor pen is a painting tool that uses water-soluble pigments. The nib is usually made of synthetic fibers or natural hair, with water-based paint inside. Watercolor pens are suitable for painting art, illustration creation and other fields, with bright colors, gradual natural characteristics. Compared with traditional watercolor pigments, watercolor pens are more convenient to carry and use, and can meet the creative needs of artists in various indoor and outdoor scenes.

Marker pen

A Sharpie is a special pen used for marking, taking notes, or outlining important points. The nib is usually made of nylon or polymer and contains quick-drying ink. The marker is suitable for working, learning, and presentation scenarios. It helps you quickly locate and mark important information. The ink color of the marker is usually more bright, and it can clearly mark the paper, making the information transfer more intuitive.


The pen is one of the oldest and most classic pens. It is known for its unique nib design and elegant way of writing. The nib of a pen is usually made of metal, and different hardness and width nibs can be selected according to different user needs. When using a pen to write, just lift the pen, you can leave a clear and smooth ink on the paper, giving people a unique writing experience.

Ballpoint pen

The ballpoint pen is the most common and popular kind of pen. Its nib is usually made of tungsten steel or alloy, with ink or ink inside. When using a ballpoint pen, the ink rolls through the nib onto the paper, thus enabling writing. The ballpoint pen is portable and easy to use, and is a common item in People’s Daily life.

Writing brush

Writing brush is a special kind of pen in Chinese traditional culture. Its nib is made of animal hair, such as Wolf’s hair, sheep’s hair and so on. When writing with a brush, it needs to be used with ink, and lines of different thickness and different changes can be written through different pen strength and Angle. As an important part of Chinese traditional culture, brush calligraphy has a long history and profound cultural connotation.

Inkjet printer

An inkjet printer is a device that uses inkjet technology for printing. It prints images or text by spraying ink onto paper. Inkjet printers are suitable for home, office and commercial printing, with the advantages of fast printing speed and low cost.


A pencil is a writing instrument with a graphite or carbon core. Its shell is usually made of wood or plastic with a core inside. When the pencil is written, it leaves traces on the paper by wiping the core, which can be easily erased. It is one of the commonly used writing tools for students and office staff.


Crayons are a kind of painting tools made of wax as the main raw material. Its body is usually made of colored wax, which can be painted with colorful patterns by smearing it on paper. Crayons are suitable for children’s painting, art creation and other fields, with bright colors, easy to operate characteristics.

Highlighter pen

Highlighters are special pens used to highlight text or patterns. Its nib is usually made of luminous ink that produces a bright fluorescent color. Highlighters are suitable for learning and office scenarios, helping users quickly locate and remember important information.

That’s all about the different types of pens. Whether in writing, painting, marking or teaching, different types of pens play an important role in enriching people’s lives and work. Each pen class has its unique characteristics and uses, choosing the right pen class can better meet their needs, improve work efficiency and creation quality.

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