What are the types of quilts?

There are many types of quilts, which are mainly classified according to factors such as material, use and season. Here are some common quilt types:

A cotton quilt

Quilts are one of the most common quilt types and are made of pure or mixed cotton. Quilts have good air permeability, strong moisture absorption, comfortable and soft, suitable for spring and autumn or warm summer. They are usually easy to clean and maintain, making them the first choice for many people.


Duvets are filled with bird down or feathers to provide excellent thermal properties, while being light and soft, suitable for cold winter months. High quality duvets have excellent warmth retention and long life, but they can be less friendly to people with allergies.

Wool quilt

Wool is made from natural wool, wool fibers have excellent heat retention and air permeability, making wool suitable for use in cold climates. In addition, wool has hygroscopic and perspirant properties that help maintain a comfortable sleeping environment.

Silk quilt

Silk quilt is made of natural silk and has a soft and smooth texture, suitable for spring and autumn seasons or warm climates. Silk quilts are usually light and comfortable, giving a luxurious feel, but the price may be higher.

Summer cool quilt

Summer coolers are usually made of lightweight materials, such as cotton or silk, to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. They are suitable for hot summer, with good air permeability and moisture absorption and perspiration function.


Blankets are made of animal hair, such as wool blankets, wool blankets, etc. Blankets are usually heavy and provide excellent thermal properties, suitable for cold winter months. They can also be used as decorations on the sofa to add warmth and comfort.

Kids’ quilt

Children are usually designed with bright colors and cute patterns to provide a comfortable sleeping environment for children. They are usually made of soft and comfortable materials with children’s skin sensitivity and safety in mind.

In addition to these common types, there are some special purpose quilts, such as anti-allergy quilts, electric blankets, etc. When choosing a quilt, in addition to the season and climate, factors such as personal preferences, allergies and budget should also be considered.

Then let’s understand the precautions for using the quilt:

Don’t make your bed when you get up

In addition, many people are used to getting up to fold the quilt, but in fact, we sleep a night, the sweat on the body will adsorb on the quilt, get up to fold the sweat and moisture are stacked in it, can not be released, after a long time, the quilt will have a taste, but also easy to breed bacteria. So after we get up, do not worry about folding the quilt, you can open the quilt to air, and then fold the quilt after washing is not too late.

Cleaning quilt should be sorted

We usually pay attention to the way and method when cleaning the quilt, especially according to different materials of the quilt, to correspond to different ways. Some materials are suitable for dry cleaning, and some are only suitable for washing, they are suitable for different ways, be sure to pay more attention to. Silk is not only can not be washed, but also can not be dry cleaned, in the dirty place with water slightly wipe, wipe off the dirty place can be. For the wool quilt, it can not be washed, can not be ironed, although it can be dry cleaned, but can not let the sun excessive exposure, so wool quilt is actually a very troublesome material.

Sun killed mites

When the sun is right, there are always many people drying the quilt, and they will use some tools, such as clothes or sticks to beat, in fact, if the quilt is not dried for three months, it will breed more than 1 million mites. People who know about mites know that it is a kind of invisible microbial pests that are easy to infect some skin diseases. And it is also easy to be infected with some more sensitive diseases and respiratory diseases. It likes to grow in such a warm and humid environment, and quilts are in line with its growth environment.

If you want to eliminate these mites, you need to have a good ventilation and very effective exposure to the sun. However, when the weather is cloudy and cold, it is not suitable for drying quilts, we can use the electric heating and electric short blanket at home to dry it, so that mites can no longer survive. Note that when drying, we must turn the quilt more and more, and we can not let it be in a fixed position to dry, otherwise it is easy to catch fire.

The above is about the quilt related knowledge to share, I hope it can help you.

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