What can white hair eat to turn black?

The blogger used to have some white hair on his head, and has been choosing food to treat him. This article will introduce us to what white hair can eat to turn black. Let’s take a look!

What can white hair eat to turn black

Soybean products

Protein is the basis of hair, but many women because of weight loss, often ingestion of very little meat, eggs and other high-protein foods, nutritional lack so that hair growth is slow, scarce, and soy products are both effective supplement protein and do not gain weight the best choice.

Sea cucumber

Since ancient times, sea cucumber has been a delicious food and beauty. It is rich in a variety of nutrients, among which vanadium, a trace element, can assist in the input of iron into the liver, and is fully utilized to produce hemoglobin. Chondroitin sulfate is a precious anti-aging beauty substance, which has the functions of nourishing blood and skin, tonifying kidney and essence. Sea cucumber is also very rich in iodine, iodine on the beauty of dark hair effect is significant.


Carp meat is very tender and delicious, easy to digest and absorb. Men should eat male carp as appropriate, has the effect of invigorating the spleen and kidney, spleen and kidney weakness, black hair, pleasant face has a better effect.

Portulaca oleracea

Purslane is rich in protein, fat, vitamins and amino acids, and also rich in trace element copper. Copper ions in the body are an important component of tyrosamine mold, and a lack of copper will lead to a decrease in melanin. Regular consumption of purslane can increase the activity of melanocytes and tyrosinase in epidermis. Reduce the production of melanocytes and melanin, so as to make the skin smooth and tender, especially beneficial for the treatment of white hair.


Laver is very rich in nutrition and has been a good product for beauty since ancient times. Laver is rich in carotene, B vitamins, protein, iodine, phosphorus, sugar and other nutrients. In addition, seaweed contains 8 times more fat than kelp, 9 times more protein than fresh mushrooms, and the phosphorus content also ranks first among fungi. According to modern medicine, iodine can stimulate the thyroid gland to secrete thyroxine, which can make hair dark and beautiful. Laver also has the effect of eliminating phlegm and clearing heat.

Shepherd’s purse

Shepherd’s purse is rich in various nutrients and contains a variety of vitamins. In particular, the content of protein, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C are higher than the content of tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, beans, and these are essential nutrients for the human body. Shepherd’s purse also has the function of clearing heat and detoxification, cooling blood and stopping bleeding, which is very beneficial to prevent early white hair.

Hericium ericium

Hericium mushroom is very rich in nutrition, its protein content is 1 times higher than that of mushroom, and contains 17 kinds of amino acids, of which 8 are essential amino acids for the human body, as well as volatile oil, polysaccharide nutrients, is a low-fat, high-protein health food. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in the mushroom are conducive to blood circulation, can reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood, improve immune function, and benefit the growth of hair.

Walnut meat

Modern medicine has proved that walnut meat is rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, carotene, oil, protein, sugar and other elements. Its fat content reaches 40-50%, which has a good effect on tonifying kidney and blood, moistening lung and qi, moistening intestine and stopping belt, strengthening tendons and bones, moistening blood vessels and moistening muscle black hair. Eating walnuts can make hair black and skin fine.


Honey is rich in vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, oxidase and other elements. It has significant effects on dark hair, moistening lung, relieving cough, moistening bowel, nourishing qi and blood, and is also very beneficial to skin and pleasant complexion.

Chinese wolfberry

Wolfberry has the functions of tonifying kidney and essence, nourishing liver and brightening eyes, moistening lung and relieving cough. Wolfberry is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, carotene, niacin, linoleic acid, iron and other elements. Modern pharmacology has proved that wolfberry can improve liver function, promote cell generation, make skin delicate, bright eyes dark hair and so on.

Polygonum multiflorum

Polygonum multiflorum has the effect of tonifying kidney and essence, black hair and luster skin. Polygonum multiflora is rich in starch, fat, lecithin, iron, manganese, calcium, zinc and other elements. It has the effect of tonifying liver and kidney, invigorating essence and blood, astringent essence and stopping bleeding. Regular food can make hair black, skin glossy and beautiful, and achieve the effect of black hair and pleasant complexion. Steamed Polygonum multiflorum is beneficial to liver, lowering blood lipids, lowering blood pressure, softening arteries and other effects.

Now let’s look at the causes of grey hair


Deficiencies in certain nutrients, especially vitamin B12, copper, and iron, may contribute to the appearance of gray hair.


Smoking has been shown to be associated with premature grey hair.


Some diseases, such as thyroid disorders and vitamin deficiencies, can contribute to the appearance of grey hair.

Oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is caused by the accumulation of free radicals, which can damage the melanocytes in hair follicles, which can lead to the production of white hair.

Genetic factor

Heredity is one of the main factors affecting the occurrence of white hair. If your parents or grandparents had grey hair at a young age, you may also have grey hair earlier.


As we age, the body’s ability to produce pigment diminishes, causing hair to turn gray. Usually, gray hair starts to appear after the age of 40, but some people start to appear at a younger age.


Chronic stress and anxiety can lead to the appearance of grey hair. Although there is no direct scientific evidence that stress is the sole cause of grey hair, studies have shown that chronic stress can accelerate the onset of grey hair.

The above is about what white hair eat to become black related knowledge to share, I hope it can help you.

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