What causes eye fatigue?

Eye fatigue is a relatively common phenomenon, this article will take us to in-depth understanding of the causes of eye fatigue, let’s take a look!

What causes eye fatigue?


It is a refractive eye disease, after excessive use of the eyes, it will lead to blurred vision, visual fatigue and other symptoms, which can be corrected by wearing frame glasses.

Nerve stimulation

If the spirit is too nervous, anxious, it may lead to high excitement of the visual cortex, may appear eye fatigue phenomenon, it is recommended to relax the mood, listen to some soothing music to ease.

Eye overuse

If you usually stay up late, it may lead to excessive eye fatigue, but also accompanied by redness symptoms, it is recommended to maintain adequate sleep, will gradually return to normal.

Physical decline

Including lack of sleep, frequent late nights, physical weakness, and other basic diseases that have not been cured for a long time, have a role in promoting the onset of eye fatigue.

Eye disease

For example, dry eye disease or cataracts, conjunctivitis, etc., also has a great chance to make patients suffer from eye fatigue.

Environmental factor

For example, if the environment is too dry or there are more harmful substances in the environment, the eyes will be repeatedly stimulated, resulting in abnormal symptoms such as fatigue and acid swelling.

Then let’s learn how to relieve eye strain

Hot compress

Mainly used for eye fatigue, accompanied by dry eyes, slight edema and other people, you can use a hot towel, steam eye mask for hot compress, promote blood circulation around the eye, thereby improving the symptoms of eye fatigue

Cold compress

It is suitable for people with eye fatigue and burning sensation, and can also improve eye fatigue by wrapping ice with a towel or applying cold compress to the eye


For employees or people during the exam week, during the intense work or study period, you can take 10 minutes to close the rest or look into the distance, you can also blink and roll your eyes appropriately to ensure that your eyes are moist, pay attention to the distance between your eyes, study and work under appropriate light conditions, ensure the quality of sleep, and help alleviate eye fatigue

Take eye drops

For people with serious eye fatigue, dry eyes, red blood and other symptoms, you can use eye drops under the guidance of a doctor to relieve eye fatigue

Dietary conditioning

Eat more foods rich in vitamins and have the effect of brightening the eyes, such as wolfberry, yam, mulberry, carrot, chrysanthemum, mint, honeysuckle, etc., can be soaked with water, pay attention to add more water, to help relieve symptoms

The above is about eye fatigue related knowledge to share, I hope it can help you.

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