What is the difference between powder and loose powder?

Women usually make up, setting powder is also one of the cosmetics that women often use, today this article will take you to understand more about the knowledge of cosmetics.

We usually make up in order to make makeup more durable will use makeup products, powder is the most common kind of makeup products, many people do not know the difference between powder and powder, powder and powder is actually called different.

What is the difference between powder and loose powder

Although the setting powder and loose powder are the same meaning, they are different names for the loose powder, but the effect is not the same. The general setting powder is relatively light and transparent, and the makeup appears clean after use. The setting powder has no concealer function than the loose powder, but it generally has the function of absorbing oil. And now there are more shades of setting powder, which is better than powder in correcting skin tone. Loose powder is used for concealer and can also be used as a sublimation of makeup. And it is used to further set the makeup on the powder, which can make the skin more transparent and natural. And in the oil sweating makeup, first use oil blotting paper to absorb the grease, and then use loose powder makeup effect is excellent.

The difference between loose powder and setting powder

1, in addition to makeup, loose powder can also be used to concealer our facial defects, its effect is higher than that of makeup powder, and loose powder is used after powder, can make our skin color more natural and transparent after makeup, oily skin people can use oil absorbing paper to gently absorb the oil on the face after oil, and then use loose powder to slightly patch up makeup. The effect is better.

2, the setting powder is relatively light and transparent, after use, it will make our makeup appear clean and refreshing, although there is no loose powder concealer ability, but it has the effect of oil absorption, so for the sister who is easy to oil, it is a good choice, in the correction of skin color is better than loose powder.

Setting powder expired how to use

1. It is used to remove oil from hair

Loose powder contains talcum powder, which can effectively absorb the excess oil on the face, reduce the sheen, play a lasting makeup effect, and avoid the oily face. Therefore, the oil on the hair also has the same absorption effect, can also remove the odor of the scalp, will emit a light fragrance, very suitable for girls to carry out daily hair first aid oh.

2. Grow eyelashes

Girls can evenly spread loose powder on the eyelashes, from the root to the tip of the direction of mascara, thin and thick eyelashes completed. With loose powder to create thick eyelashes, you don’t have to wear false eyelashes every day, or spend money to grow eyelashes, is not a little happy.

3. The closet absorbs moisture

Loose powder is very absorbable, girls use paper towels or delicate small cloth bags to pack expired loose powder, put in the closet or shoes, you can go to wet oh.

How to choose a setting powder?

Choose a setting powder that suits your skin type

The setting powder suitable for different skin types is also different. In general, oily skin is suitable for the use of strong oil absorption powder, while dry skin needs to choose a moisturizing powder. Mixed skin can choose a neutral loose powder, which can control oil and moisturize. Therefore, when buying makeup powder, pay attention to choose a product suitable for your skin type to achieve better results.

Choosing the right color number

There are many different colors available on the market, such as white, beige, pink and so on. In general, white is suitable for people with whiter skin, beige is suitable for people with medium skin tone, and pink is suitable for people with yellow skin. Therefore, choose the right color number according to your skin color to achieve the effect of blending with skin color.

Choosing a setting powder that suits your needs

Some setting powder in addition to the basic setting function, but also have other special effects, such as concealer, oil control, brightening skin and so on. Therefore, when purchasing makeup powder, you can choose products with corresponding efficacy according to your own needs to meet your own makeup needs.

Choosing a lightweight setting powder

The light texture of the setting powder not only makes the makeup look more natural, but also does not burden the skin, avoid clogging pores and causing skin problems. Therefore, when buying a setting powder, choose a product with a light texture to achieve better results.

Paying attention to the choice of ingredients

Some makeup powder contains some chemical ingredients, such as spices, alcohol, preservatives, etc., which may have an irritating effect on the skin. Therefore, when buying makeup powder, pay attention to choose products that do not contain irritating ingredients to avoid causing damage to the skin.

Choosing brands with good reputation

There are many different brands of setting powder on the market, but each brand’s product quality and reputation are also different. In general, choosing some products with good reputation and good evaluation brands will be more reliable and have better use experience and effect. Therefore, when buying makeup powder, you can see more about the evaluation and use of some products, and choose brands and products with good reputation.

Finally, take you to understand the precautions of using makeup powder

Choose the right setting powder: Different skin types and skin tones require different types of setting powder. Available in loose powder, honey powder, paste powder and other options. Choose the right product for your skin type to get the best results.

Avoid overuse: The purpose of setting powder is to reduce the sheen of the face, not to completely cover the face. Using too much setting powder can result in makeup that looks heavy and may appear unnatural, especially in photos.

Powder puff or brush: You can use a powder puff or brush to apply setting powder. A brush is usually better for a thin layer, while a powder puff can provide more cover.

Pat gently: When using a powder puff or brush, pat gently on your face instead of rubbing. This helps ensure that the setting powder is evenly distributed and avoids damaging the underlying makeup.

Focus on setting areas: Pay special attention to the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and around the eyes, as these areas are usually more prone to oil.

Clear powder: Clear setting powder is a good choice because it does not change the color of the base makeup and is suitable for all skin tones.

Avoid powder buildup: Setting powder tends to accumulate on wrinkled or dry skin, so make sure the skin is moisturized enough before use and apply gently.

Keep it with you: If you need to touch up your makeup at any time, you can carry a small bottle of setting powder or setting spray to keep your makeup lasting.

Avoid glitter: If you don’t want your makeup to be too shiny, opt for a glitter-free setting powder, especially for daytime looks.

Remove makeup: Be careful when removing makeup at night, making sure to remove the setting powder and base completely to avoid clogging pores.

In conclusion, setting powder is a useful makeup item, but use it carefully and make sure it helps you keep your makeup lasting, rather than making it look heavy or unnatural.

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