Yoga Asanas for Everyday Practice

In modern life, we are always in a state of fighting, our shoulders are getting tenser and tenser, our backs are getting more and more rigid, and stress hormones will also invade our bodies.

Take 15 minutes to experience this sequence, open the root chakra and heart chakra, and when the energy flows freely, the magical self-healing function of the body will be activated.

1. Sitting posture

Easy sitting with hands above knees

Spine extension, shoulders down

Close your eyes and induct your senses

Focus on breathing and stay for 5-8 minutes

2. Arm mountain style

Mountain pose, legs together, feet rooted

Inhale, extend the spine and lift the arms into a W shape

Exhale, close your core and bend your body slightly

Extend your arms back, push your chest forward and up

Look diagonally upwards and stay for 5-8 breaths

3. Tree style

Mountain pose with weight on the right foot

Bend left knee, step left foot on inner right thigh

Hold the opposite elbow with your hands behind your back

Shoulders sink, shoulder blades close to the center

Turn your head to the right, stay for 5-8 breaths and switch to the opposite side

4. Battle

Enter Mountain Pose, take a big step forward with your left leg

Right toe abduction, inhale, spine extension

Make fists with both hands, bend elbows and raise arms forward

Exhale, bend your left knee, sink your hips down

Straighten the right leg, stay for 5-8 breaths and switch to the opposite side

5. Warrior Three Variations

Enter from warrior pose and move your body forward

Lift the left leg back up, the body forward and down

Align the hips, clasp your hands behind your back

Raise your back legs, chest, and arms as high as possible

Hold for 5-8 breaths, and switch to the other side

6. Cat-Cow

Put your hands on the ground and kneel on your knees in a four-legged kneeling position

Inhale, lift your sit bones, stretch your chest and lift your head up

Exhale, curl your tailbone, bow your head

Extend the spine section by section, dynamic exercise 5-8 times

7. Camel Pose

Kneeling position with knees hip-width apart

Step on the ground with your toes and stand upright

Inhale, extend your spine, and push your hips forward with your hands

Exhale, bend your body back, shoulders back

Push your chest up and hold for 5-8 breaths

8. Downward dog

Kneeling position, hands shoulder-width apart

Knees hip-width apart, hips lifted

Push hard with both hands, arms straight

Press your heels as far as possible to stretch your hamstrings

Slightly tuck your belly for 5-8 breaths

9. Inclined plate type

Enter downward dog, inhale, and move your center of gravity forward

Wrists directly under shoulders, legs straight

Exhale, tuck your abs and hips and activate your core

The shoulder blades are pushed up and the body forms an oblique line

Push your heels farther away for 5-8 breaths

10. Upward dog

Enter in a plank, exhale, tighten the core

Bend your elbows with your hands down and enter the four-poster pose

Inhale, stretch your body forward and upward

Straighten the arms, expand the ribcage, and extend the lumbar spine

Keep your shoulders away from your ears, lift your chest up, and press your feet on the ground

Lift your legs off the ground and stay for 5-8 breaths

11. Sphinx

Lie prone, legs stretched back

The forearm is on the ground, and the forearm is perpendicular to the ground

Inhale, extend the spine, and exhale to open the chest

Open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out, and tuck your belly slightly

Extend the lumbar spine, stay for 5-8 breaths

Focus on your breathing, calm your mind, and the happy hormones will kick in. When we feel safe, healing happens naturally.

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