6 open shoulder yoga poses

A woman’s body is like a book

The body is the cover of the book, temperament is the content

Feminine temperament on the shoulders, elegance on the back

To be elegant

Shoulder opening and a beautiful back are essential!

Today, I will share 6 sequences of opening shoulders and beautiful back before going to bed. Persistent practice can make you stand tall and straight, and elegant, and practice before going to bed can relieve neck stiffness, increase blood supply to the head, and let you have a good sleep!

Action 1

Kneel on both knees, thighs perpendicular to the ground

Inhale, extend the spine, bend the elbows with the hands

Place yoga blocks under your elbows

Exhale, tighten your core and ribs

Forehead on the ground, hands on the back

Stay for 10-12 breaths

Action 2

Exit from the previous action and enter the Vajra Seat

Inhale, hold the yoga block with both hands and straighten up

Exhale, close your core and stretch your hands far behind

Pay attention to the relaxation and sinking of the shoulders and the tightening of the ribs

Stay for 10-12 breaths

Action 3

Hold the Vajra seat and raise your hands in front of you

Inhale, bend your right hand to the front of your body

Left forearm and right forearm intertwined

Drop shoulders, tighten core, ribs

Stay for 10-12 breaths, switching hands

Action 4

Lie on your stomach with your hands on your shoulders

Inhale, extend the spine, exhale, and core in

Put your hands on the ground, push your chest up, and straighten your arms

Keep shoulders away from ears, with shoulder blades adducted and lowered

Extend the lumbar spine, stay for 5-8 breaths

Action 5

Lie on your stomach with the stretch band between your feet

Inhale, grab the other end of the stretch band with both hands

Exhale, contract your core and lift your legs up

Pull the stretch band back up with both hands

Feel the stretch in your shoulders, ribcage, and lumbar spine

Stay for 5-8 breaths

Action 6

Beam preparation, body lying back

Yoga block on the thoracic spine

Bend elbows with hands overhead

Tighten your core and ribs for 3-5 minutes

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