7 beautiful jewelry recommendations

Beauty is the nature of every woman, but wearing a characteristic, good quality jewelry can make us look more beautiful, today take you to understand the next 7 beautiful jewelry recommendations

The sea water Macao white horse shell

This is 18K gold sea water white horse shell, the appearance is very beautiful, very high-end atmosphere, this stud is very popular with women, take up very expensive, suitable for 30+ women to wear.

Freshwater nucle-free pearl bracelet

The price of this pearl bracelet is medium, but the quality is still very good, the pearl is very good, the accessory is s925 silver, this bracelet is very good-looking, can be worn for 2 to 5 years

High-end gold bead necklace

This necklace is very high-end, this is sea pearl gold beads, 13 to 14mm, the pearl is very bright, the accessory is 18K gold, the price will be more expensive, but the quality is really high

Freshwater Aurora cold white pearl necklace

This pearl is 4 to 6mm, the color is very white, the pearl is very good, the price is also a little expensive, the accessory is 18K gold, very high-end atmosphere to wear

French pearl flower earrings

The price of this stud earrings is very affordable, the blogger himself has bought many times, wear many times, very beautiful, with s925 silver needle, this is a French product.

British s925 silver Eros necklace

This necklace price is not expensive, $20, the overall is relatively simple, but it is still very good to wear

Flower brooch

The accessories used for this brooch are s925 silver, plus the unique shape of the pearl, the whole looks like a flower, very beautiful.

The above is about 7 beautiful jewelry recommendations, I hope it can help you.

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