7 Delicious ways to eat fish

Fish is not expensive, but it is delicious and nutritious, and many people like it. This article will recommend 7 delicious ways to eat fish, let’s take a look!

7 Delicious ways to eat fish

Braised crucian carp

Braised crucian carp is a delicious private dish made of crucian carp as the main ingredient, with coriander and red pepper. It has a spicy and delicious taste, beauty and anti-wrinkle, and rich nutritional value.

Steamed sea bass

Perch is rich in a variety of nutritional values, and is the highest DHA content in freshwater fish, so steamed perch is the most brain tonic. Choose a catty or so of sea bass, steaming time just to the heat, fish just cooked, delicate and smooth, fish delicious completely presented. The soup has the sweetness of rice wine and the aroma of soy sauce.

Braised fish cubes

Braised fish block, is a home-cooked dish, the main material is pure fish, cooking methods for frying, frying

Sweet and sour fish

Sweet and sour fish is a common family dish, the New Year festival, marriage promotion and other festive days are indispensable this dish, fish has more than every year, auspicious meaning of more than auspicious

Fish with pickled cabbage

Pickled cabbage fish with grass carp as the main material, with kimchi and other ingredients cooked, the taste is hot and sour delicious; Fish is rich in high-quality protein, which can provide people with abundant protein, mineral and other nutrients. The lactic acid in sauerkraut can promote the absorption of iron by the human body, and can also increase people’s appetite.

Grilled fish

Grilled fish has higher calories, while radish has less calories and is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis after eating and is easy to produce a sense of satiety. Therefore, eat more mashed radish when eating grilled fish, can avoid excessive intake of calories, help to lose weight.

Steamed fish fillets

This dish is very unique, the bones are removed, directly steamed, the taste is very good, the nutrition is also very rich.

Let’s look at the types of fish

There are too many common types of fish, such as grass carp, carp, crucian, yellow croaker, belt fish, tilapia and so on, and ornamental fish, mainly goldfish, koi, guppies, zebrafish, arowana, arhats, parrot fish and so on. Although these fish all live in the water, but their habits are different, some prefer underwater activities, some are in the upper layer, their feeding habits are also different.

Finally, let’s understand the precautions for eating fish

Don’t eat fish until you’re one year old

Children before the age of one are best not to eat fish, because children before the age of one, the immune system and digestive system have not yet developed, will induce body allergies, and will also affect the growth and development of children.

Experts suggest that children should wait until they are at least three years old before eating fish, and parents must keep in mind.

You can’t eat uncooked fish

Many people eat fish, like to retain the freshness of the fish, will choose to eat raw fish, this practice is very wrong, not cooked fish, there are more parasites and bacteria, often eat uncooked fish will increase the burden of the stomach, will also induce body cross infection.

Try to buy fresh fish

Try to buy fresh fish when eating fish, do not go to the river to fish privately, to ensure that the mercury content of fish, in a stable range of use is more conducive to health.

The above is about fish related knowledge sharing, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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