8 entry-level yoga moves

For beginners in yoga, the most important thing is to cultivate an interest in practicing. Too difficult poses will be difficult to complete because there is no foundation but will lose confidence in practicing yoga, so you might as well start with these simple movements. !

1. Get down on your knees

Put your hands on the ground, kneel on your knees, and enter the four-legged kneeling

Inhale, turn your pelvis forward, lift your chest up

Exhale, bow your head with your chest and back and look at your belly button

Extend the spine section by section, repeat the exercise 10-15 times

2. Mountain Pose

Stand in Mountain Pose, feet together on the ground

Pull the outside of the legs to the middle, and push the front of the thigh back

The core is slightly retracted, the collarbone is expanded, and the shoulders are relaxed

Extend the spine, stay for 5-8 breaths

3. Magic chair

From Mountain Pose into Magic Chair Pose, exhale and tighten your core

Bend your hips, bend your knees and squat down with your hands extended above your head

The tailbone is facing the ground, and the front of the hip is raised

Keep your leg muscles engaged for 5-8 breaths

4. Downward Dog

Exit from Magic Chair into Downward Dog

Push firmly with both hands, armpits stretched

Push your sit bones up and push your front thighs back

The core is slightly closed and adjusted for 5-8 breaths

5. Tighten the core

Enter from Downward Dog, exhale, and tighten your core

Step forward with right knee bent, left knee on the ground

Inhale, extend the spine, straighten the hands up

Exhale, contract your core, lower your hips

Relax your shoulders and stay for 5-8 breaths

6. Stretch

7. Warrior II

Exit from the previous move and enter Warrior II

Inhale, rotate left hip externally, knee perpendicular to heel

Right toe facing forward, right leg straight, inner thigh raised

Extend your hands to the sides, opening your chest

Turn your head to look at your left hand and hold for 5-8 breaths

Actions 5-7 for reverse side exercises

8. Inclined plate type

Exit from Warrior II and enter Incline Pose

Exhale, focus on the left hand and turn the body to the right

Move right hand up into side plank and lift left hip up

Hold for 5-8 breaths, switch to the other side

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