Discover the secrets of the oven

The oven is an indispensable tool in the modern kitchen, providing us with the convenience of baking, cooking and baking. However, the oven is not just a kitchen appliance, it has a rich history and diverse applications. This article will take you deep into the historical origins of the oven, the different types of ovens, and the innovative uses of the modern day.

Part One: History of the oven

1.1 Ancient Oven

The history of ovens dates back to ancient civilizations, and early ovens were usually built out of earth and stone. Both ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks used oven-like structures to bake bread and cook food.

1.2 Medieval Oven

During the Middle Ages, ovens evolved into more complex installations, often built in the middle of homes or communities. These ovens played an important role in various celebrations and religious ceremonies.

1.3 Industrial Revolution and modernization

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, ovens began to be produced industrially. The use of gas and electricity has made the oven more convenient, and continuous technological innovation has made the oven more efficient and versatile.

Part 2: Different types of ovens

2.1 Traditional Oven

Traditional ovens are the most common type, usually using up-down heat pipes, and are suitable for a variety of baking and baking needs. It has the characteristics of uniform heating and multi-function.

2.2 Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens combine microwave technology and traditional oven functions to heat and cook quickly, suitable for fast food and defrosting.

2.3 Steam Oven

Steam ovens, which inject steam to keep ingredients moist, are ideal for baking such as breads and cakes that require a moist environment.

Part Three: Innovative Uses of modern ovens

3.1 Baking

The oven plays a huge role in baking. From bread to cakes, cookies and pizza, ovens allow us to make all kinds of delicious pastas.

3.2 Cooking

The oven is not only used for baking, but also for cooking meat, vegetables and fish. Roasting gives ingredients a special flavor and texture.

3.3 Thawing

The defrosting function of the microwave oven is very convenient and can quickly defrost ingredients for quick cooking.

Part Four: Maintenance and cleaning of the oven

4.1 Regular Cleaning

Keeping your oven clean is important to avoid the buildup of food debris and odors. Regular cleaning of the oven is the key to maintaining its hygiene.

4.2 Maintenance and repair

Ovens require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure their proper operation. If there is a problem with the oven, timely maintenance can extend its service life.

Finally, let’s understand what the oven is suitable for cooking food

1. Baking flour products

Presumably, everyone likes to go to the supermarket or the store to buy bread and biscuits, but it is not their own, it is inevitable that people will add some substances when making, but in fact, we can make bread and biscuits by electric oven, and eat when you want to eat.

2. Make snacks

Both adults and children like to eat snacks, in addition to the electric oven can make pizza and bread, we can also bake bread to make a variety of cookies and other small snacks, and it is also very delicious.

3. Dry moist food

Sometimes the cookies and sunflower seeds in our house will be damp, so the taste will be very poor, and the preservation time will become very short, but the use of electric oven can heat the food, dry the food, and ensure that the taste of food is not lost.

4. Rise the dough

Generally, when we make pasta, sometimes the dough needs to be fermented, at this time, we can lower the temperature of the electric oven, so that the dough can be fermented quickly in the electric oven, this method, we can also use it to make chocolate.

Five, roast meat food

The oven is not only baking bread, but also baking meat and seafood, and we can put some special spices when baking, such as some Beijing roast duck, the taste is also very fragrant, but also a rare delicacy on many family tables.

To sum up

The oven is a cooking tool with a rich history and unlimited innovation. From ancient earth-stone ovens to modern high-tech microwave ovens, it has been facilitating human cooking needs. Whether you’re new to baking or an expert cook, the oven will be an indispensable companion in your kitchen, adding fun and creativity to your culinary journey. Let’s continue to explore the mysteries of the oven, cook more delicious dishes, and create delicious memories.

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