How is stomach disease caused?

Stomach disease or attention, stomach disease is caused by a variety of factors, including living habits, diet, environment, genetics and other factors. Today, let’s learn about stomach diseases.

How is stomach disease caused?

Drug malpractice

Long-term use of certain drugs, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, hormone drugs, antibiotics, etc., will cause damage to the gastric mucosa, resulting in the occurrence of stomach diseases.

Genetic factor

Some stomach diseases, such as stomach cancer and stomach polyps, are related to genetics, and if there are patients in the family, the risk of individual disease will increase.

Digestive tract infection

The occurrence of stomach disease is closely related to digestive tract infection, such as viral infection, bacterial infection, etc., will cause the occurrence of stomach disease.

Poor living habits

Staying up late for a long time, overwork, emotional instability, smoking, drinking and other bad habits will cause damage to the gastric mucosa and increase the risk of stomach diseases.

Improper diet

Long-term overeating, overeating, partial eating, eating too much greasy, spicy, irritating food, etc., will cause irritation and damage to the gastric mucosa, leading to the occurrence of stomach diseases.

Then together to understand how to adjust the stomach disease?

Review the gastroscope regularly

If there are patients with stomach problems, it is recommended to review the gastroscopy once in two to three years, if the gastroscopy is not carried out, it is likely to cause the condition to be aggravated. If stomach pain occurs, gastric mucosal protective agents such as omeprazole enteric-coated tablets and Lansoprazole enteric-coated tablets can be used.

Adjustment of daily routine

In normal times, we need to develop good living habits, try not to stay up late for a long time, and we should also eat on time and in quantity.

Diet conditioning

Patients with stomach problems are advised to eat regularly, avoid eating some spicy and irritating food, and try not to eat some barbecue.

Control your emotions

Because stomach disease usually has a great relationship with the spirit, some patients with stomach disease may be due to bad emotions, such as mental anxiety, tension, depression and other emotions, may also make gastrointestinal dysfunction, resulting in the occurrence of stomach disease, it is recommended that patients control emotions, can divert attention, cultivate a good interest, usually more exercise.

Finally together to understand the stomach disease to eat what food good?

Cow’s milk

Milk is a natural drink, with the title of white blood, containing casein, albumin, globulin, etc., is better absorbed by the human body, many Chinese medicine that milk has the effect of nourishing the stomach, so patients with stomach diseases can drink some appropriately.

Millet gruel

Patients with stomach problems should eat foods that are easier to digest, such as millet porridge and yam porridge. Millet and yam are relatively mild foods, which can protect the stomach mucosa and promote the recovery of stomach diseases as soon as possible.

Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is also the first choice for stomach patients, such as spinach soup, egg soup and so on. Eggs, needless to say, are known to be rich in protein and easy to absorb. Spinach contains iron, has the effect of blood tonic, sick people are relatively weak, so you can eat some.


Noodles are relatively soft food, pasta is also relatively nourishing stomach, easy to digest, better for the stomach.

The above is about stomach disease related knowledge to share, I hope it can help you.

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