How should women care for menstruation?

Women will have menstrual period every month, menstrual period we must learn what to take good care of, so that our body will be better. How should women care for menstruation? Let’s get to know!

How should women care for menstruation?

Drinking warm drinks

You can drink brown sugar ginger water, rose tea, longan red date tea, health tea and other warm drinks, help to relieve menstrual discomfort.

Avoiding excessive exercise

Excessive exercise is not appropriate during menstruation, and appropriate rest can be taken to avoid increasing the burden on the body.

Keeping a good schedule

Getting enough sleep and keeping a regular schedule will help your body recover and feel comfortable during menstruation.

Trying not to wash your hair

If you must wash your hair, it is best to choose the noon time and blow dry your hair immediately to avoid the cold air affecting your hair.

Keeping warm

Avoid too cold or too hot stimuli, such as cold baths and saunas. Pay special attention to the warmth of the lower abdomen, do not get wet, wade or swim, avoid sitting in damp, cool places and air conditioning, fan tuyere.

Less cold air

Avoid blowing cold air for a long time to avoid getting cold.

Avoiding psychological stress

Menstruation is easy to be affected by psychological pressure, should try to relax the mood, maintain a good state of mind.

Paying attention to personal hygiene

Keep your vulva clean and dry, use breathable and comfortable sanitary products, and avoid harsh cleaners.

Then let’s understand what is good to drink during menstruation?

Brown sugar and ginger water

Menstruation is a special period for women, there will be vaginal bleeding during menstruation, and the female body will become weak and sensitive. Drinking some brown sugar ginger water during menstruation can have the effect of warming menstruation and dissipating cold, and also has a certain effect on relieving dysmenorrhea symptoms;

Red date and wolfberry tea

Jujube, wolfberry are Chinese medicinal materials, can nourish blood, liver and kidney, for women have a certain tonifying effect;

Warm water

It can replenish water for the body, promote metabolism, and also provide heat for the body to avoid catching cold.

Millet gruel

It can replenish carbon water for the body, provide heat support, and is easier to digest.

The above is about how to care for women’s menstrual period? And what to drink good related knowledge to share, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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