How to improve sleep quality

Sleep quality is very important, sleep well, we will be healthier, mental state will be better. This article will take us to understand how to improve the quality of sleep.

Don’t drink coffee

Coffee itself contains a certain irritation, if you drink a cup of coffee before going to bed, there may be no way to enter the state of sleep throughout the night, in fact, in order to effectively promote sleep, you can appropriately pour a cup of milk or warm water for yourself, then the effect will be better.

Don’t overeat at dinner

In our lives, there are many people may eat more dinner, then in this case, because after dinner will not exercise, it is likely to appear too much intake there is no way to digest the phenomenon, this situation must also lead to normal sleep has been affected, so dinner must be guaranteed to be less, and this is very important.

Bedtime exercise

Before going to bed can be appropriate to do some small exercise, but the exercise must not be intense, you can choose some walking or running operation, you can also choose to play taijiquan, then after some moderate exercise can effectively promote the state of sleep.

Heavy foot soaking

Every day before going to bed can be appropriate with hot water feet, about each foot bath only takes about 10 minutes, can effectively promote the circulation of blood in the whole body, but also can achieve the effect of relaxing leg muscles, can make the whole person from the tense state of release, such a method can effectively promote sleep, improve the quality of sleep.

Avoiding overthinking

Try not to read some books that need your brain before going to bed, otherwise you will always be thinking, so that the brain is in the stage of excitement at any time, which will cause your sleep quality to be affected to a certain extent, in addition, do not choose horror movies before going to bed, which is also very important.

Bedtime massage

You can do some simple massage before going to bed, so you can effectively relax the muscle effect, but also can make the quality of sleep has been significantly improved.

Let’s find out what can you drink to improve your sleep quality?

Warm milk

Drink a glass of warm milk before bed to help you sleep, this is because milk contains a tryptophan, which can act as a calming effect like amino acids, and milk also contains calcium, calcium can help the brain make full use of amino acids.


Oatmeal is a valuable bedtime drink, and drinking oatmeal before going to bed can also help you sleep, and friends with insomnia may wish to try these methods.


A lot of sugar has a stimulant effect, but a small amount of sugar can signal the brain to secrete a calming neurotransmitter in time, a few drops of honey will not have much sugar, can play this cue, honey drops into warm milk is a good choice.

Longan tea

Longan has the effect of nourishing blood and calming nerves, and has certain effect on improving insomnia, forgetfulness, neurasthenia and other symptoms.

Millet gruel

Millet porridge contains tryptophan, which can regulate the nerves of the brain, play the role of soothing nerves and helping sleep, drinking a cup of millet porridge half an hour before going to bed can promote sleep.

The above is about how to improve the quality of sleep related knowledge to share, I hope it can help you.

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