How to relieve eye fatigue?

Today’s people basically use computers to work more, so they will use their eyes more, which is easy to lead to eye fatigue. This article will take us to understand how to relieve eye fatigue.

Drinking chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is for people with tired eyes. Chrysanthemum has the function of clearing liver and brightening eyes, and I like its unique fragrance. Soaking a cup in the office, not only can eliminate the fatigue of the eyes, but also can disperse the sense of fatigue at work, is a very practical drink.

Eye exercise

Eye exercises must have been done as a child, but there are too many steps, not everyone can remember. In fact, eye fatigue does not need so many steps, you only need to rub the muscles of the nose bone in the middle of the two eyes when the eyes feel tired, the corner of the eye, and keep circling around the eye socket, doing this for 5 minutes is equivalent to closing the eyes and resting for 1 hour.

Drinking milk

Workers who often sit in front of the computer can drink more milk. Drinking milk regularly has certain benefits for people who spend a lot of time in front of computers. Eyes often stare at the screen, easy to lead to vision loss, dry eyes, and milk is rich in vitamin A, which helps to improve the body’s immunity, but also to protect vision.

Applying a towel to your eyes

Use cool towels in the morning and warm towels in the evening. Usually pay attention to the light diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Don’t use eye drops carelessly.

Putting a pot plant

Put a small potted plant on the desk, can play a soothing vision effect. If the eyes look at the computer for too long, they need a little green plant to divert their sight. Choose to put on the desk is a pot of prickly pear, not only can help alleviate eye fatigue, but also can play the function of absorbing computer radiation, one thing two uses.

Taking a break

Patients with symptoms of eye fatigue can properly relax and rest, avoid rubbing their eyes with their hands frequently in daily life, reduce the time spent watching electronic products, and adjust their eye habits. Increase the amount of time spent outdoors so that the eyes can see distant objects and relax the eyes.

Closing your eyes and rest

Eye fatigue is usually caused by excessive use of the eyes, the appropriate closing of the eyes can allow the eyes to be adjusted, so that the eyes are in a comfortable state, which helps to alleviate eye fatigue.

The above is about how to relieve eye fatigue related knowledge to share, I hope it can help you.

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