How to sort hangers?

Hanger is a product we use every day, this article will popularize more relevant knowledge to us, let’s take a look!

Classification by material

Plastic coat hanger

Plastic hangers come in a variety of colors and shapes, are inexpensive, and are often used in homes and clothing stores. However, its load-bearing capacity is small, and some low-quality plastic hangers are easy to deform.

Wooden clothes rack

Wooden hangers can be divided into solid wood hangers and plate hangers. Solid wood hangers are made of a whole piece of natural wood, solid texture and good quality. Plate hangers are made of particleboard and other materials, the texture is lighter, often used for home use.

Metal coat hanger

Metal hangers are mainly made of steel pipe, iron wire, steel plate and other materials. It has the advantages of strong load-bearing force, solid structure, and not easy to deform, and is suitable for use in large places such as shopping malls and supermarkets.

Classification by shape

Ordinary clothes rack

The ordinary hanger is our most common hanger, which is generally composed of an “L” shaped hook hanging from the top and holding the clothes under the bottom. This kind of hanger is economical and practical and takes up no space.

Folding hanger

The folding hanger is composed of a number of straight rods and connecting rods, which can be easily folded and stored, and is suitable for travel and clothing storage.

Roller hanger

This coat hanger has wheels, which allows you to hang the coat hanger on the wheels, which is more convenient when moving around the home.

Multifunctional hanger

Multifunctional hangers are common in clothing stores, and its structure is very complex, which can dry multiple pants, T-shirts and so on at the same time.

Classification by use

Clothes drying rack

Drying racks are used for indoor or outdoor drying clothes, usually made of wood, metal and plastic, and can be used to dry socks, pants, shirts, coats, etc.

Sports equipment hanger

Sports equipment hanger is mainly used for outdoor sports clothing drying and storage, such as ski clothes, diving suits and so on.

Tie hanger

Tie hangers are often used in window and display cases to display small items such as ties. It uses a thin bracket design, which can effectively avoid the wrinkle of the tie.

Then let’s understand how to buy clothes hangers?

Seeing the strength of the hanger

The weight of wet clothes is twice that of dry clothes, and the bearing capacity of the hanger is very important. The key is to be durable.

Looking at the material of the hanger

If the plastic coat hangers should be carefully looked at: if there is a luster, the surface is rounded, the corners have no burrs, the flexibility is good (twist 120 degrees is not broken), it is mostly made of disposable raw materials, such as the surface is rough, too hard, more burrs, and the fracture is grayish white.

Seeing if the package is beautifully printed

Whether the trademark is registered; Whether the company name, address and telephone number are marked clearly and clearly.

Finally, let’s understand the precautions for purchasing clothes drying racks

Bearing capacity

The main purpose of drying clothes rack is to dry, it will test the bearing capacity of the shelf, if the drying clothes rack is too thin, the bearing capacity is weak, easy to break, deformation; And too thick, the collection and lifting will be more laborious, so choose a moderate thickness.


It is necessary to measure the space size of the drying rack in advance to maximize the adaptability and avoid the situation of being too long and too short.


The common clothes rack has aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel and other materials, but in the choice of titanium alloy and stainless steel to buy more people, the disadvantage of aluminum alloy is that it is easy to deformation, so it can be selected according to the functional needs and decorative needs.

The above is about how to classify hangers? As well as hanger related knowledge sharing, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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