Outdoor tents which is the most practical?

When you are ready to go camping, it is very important to choose a suitable tent. Different types of tents have different functions and characteristics, so choosing the right tent can provide better protection and comfort. Today we will introduce several main types of camping tents and their characteristics.

【 Tent Type 】

Vertical wall tent

Vertical wall tents have vertical side walls and a flat top, making them ideal for family camping and group camping. They usually have enough space for beds and furniture and provide plenty of comfort and privacy. Vertical wall tents are usually very strong and can withstand strong winds and heavy rain.

Dome tent

A dome tent has a spherical top and a full tent fabric. They are usually supported by multiple rods to provide more space. Dome tents are excellent for protection against high winds and heavy rain, and their design makes them perfect for family camping.


This type of tent is usually composed of a central pillar and several surrounding pillars, and the tent cloth is covered over the support to form a cone shape. Its advantage is strong stability, the disadvantage is that the inner space of the teepee tent is relatively small, which is more suitable for single use.

Tunnel tent

The tent is shaped like a tunnel and needs to be supported by multiple pillars. It has the advantage of strong stability, suitable for areas with greater wind, but also suitable for family camping and long-distance travel.

Self-supporting tent

The tent has self-supporting supports that do not need to be inserted into the ground. It has the advantage of being simple and quick to set up, suitable for short trips and camping. However, the stability of the self-supporting tent is poor, and it is not suitable for use in strong winds.


These tents usually have a rounded top, made of support poles and tent cloth. It has the advantage of spacious space, solid structure, suitable for family camping and long-distance travel. But yurts are heavier and harder to carry.

Bed tent

These tents are usually suspended from trees or support poles and are suitable for use in areas such as jungle or mountains. Its advantage is that it is stable and not easy to be invaded by animals on the ground. But bed hanging tents take longer to set up, and need to find the right support points.

【 Camping tent purchase points 】

Size and height

The right tent should be chosen according to the number and height of the campers. In general, one needs a tent with a size of 1.5 x 2 meters. In addition, the height of the tent is also important, should be able to allow campers to stand up straight.


The material of the tent should be waterproof and durable to guarantee adequate protection in adverse weather conditions. Some high quality tents use UV protection materials, which can protect against solar radiation damage.


Tents should have good ventilation to avoid excessive humidity and sultry. Some tents have special ventilation holes and Windows to enhance ventilation.

Weight and portability

The weight of the tent should be moderate and easy to carry. Some tents fold up and take up little space, making them suitable for long trips or hikes.

Matters needing attention

Whether the tent is single or double, it is necessary to understand the waterproof and breathability of the tent. If the tent is completely waterproof, moisture will condense in the inner tent causing small puddles at the bottom. This moisture is generated by the exhalation of climbers, and it may also wet the sleeping bag.

Cheap single-storey tents can only be used at the lower end of the forest, and must be fairly ventilated, because single-storey tents are completely waterproof and breathable. So it’s best to choose a double layer

Different tent designs have different degrees of support, and you must consider your own use when purchasing, especially in the snow season.

The lightweight tent should be spacious and strong enough to handle some special needs.

Generally, the two-person tent is the most commonly used tent, because it is easy to carry, easy to find the camp, and three or one can live.

The color of the tent is best to choose warm colors such as yellow, orange or red. When you’re trapped, the conspicuous color is easy to spot.

Cooking should be avoided in the tent, especially the use of gasoline stoves. The stoves have a pungent smell, are prone to spilling fuel oil, and the fire is uncontrollable, which is a potential crisis. Especially in the tent of waterproof nylon cloth cooking often have a feeling of choking, cooking will also cause the inner tent condensing many small water droplets, if really need to cook in the tent, it is best to carry out between the ventilated inside and outside the tent.

The above is about the outdoor tent content sharing, I hope to help you oh, remember to read carefully.

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