There are many benefits of learning aerial yoga

Aerial yoga, also known as anti-gravity yoga, originates from the use of hanging cloth in the United States to increase body coordination and core strength stability through gravity, and improve body flexibility.

The hanging cloth of aerial yoga is like the help of yoga bricks, which can help us more smoothly complete the yoga postures that are usually difficult to achieve, and effectively help the body to obtain deep stretches and release tension.

Aerial yoga focuses on improving the sense of coordination of the whole body. Through breathing exercises, it can stabilize balance, core, flexibility, and concentration. Practicing hanging clothes and aerial rings can stretch the body and mind lightly, just like flying in the sky!

What are the benefits of aerial yoga?

Benefit 1: It can protect the cervical spine and focus on the whole body

Taking the inverted yoga posture as an example, aerial yoga is assisted by a hanging silk hammock, which is safer than the yoga inverted posture on the ground, and the space distance from the ground protects the cervical spine from being injured. The posture is more laborious than the ground inversion, requiring Use the muscles of the whole body to maintain the posture, and at the same time have the protection of the hammock, so that you can focus on training with confidence.

Benefit 2: Eliminate edema through lymphatic drainage

Aerial yoga uses a hammock to make various yoga postures. Through gravity, the body is deeply stretched. Many movements will wrap around the thighs or various lymphatic positions in the body to achieve the effect of natural edema removal, and effectively improve endocrine, lymph, digestion and blood circulation. system. The hammock can also accelerate the blood circulation of the head, improve sleep and relax the cervical spine, etc., to create a perfect posture.

Benefit 3: Practice your guts!

People who are doing aerial yoga for the first time feel terrified when they hang upside down! “Will I fall? Is this hammock stable?” will gradually slow down. If you want to try aerial yoga, you must believe in yourself and do it boldly! In addition to training your guts, you can also increase your confidence in yourself, take it slow and let go bravely!

To sum up, there are too many benefits of aerial yoga. In addition to the above benefits, there are mainly the following 9 benefits

a systemic exercise

can relax the spine

Strengthen core training

Eliminate edema

training concentration

training muscle strength

relieve stress

improve sleeping

Create the perfect body

What should you pay attention to when practicing aerial yoga?

Wear tight-fitting yoga clothes during an aerial yoga

Pay attention when choosing yoga clothes: usually choose materials with high ductility and skin-friendly materials. Because compared to other sportswear, it focuses more on fit and waist tailoring. You may also see some people in yoga classrooms wearing sports bras and going to class directly. Don’t mistake it for showing off your body! The main reason is that aerial yoga involves many twisting and hanging movements, and it is common to turn over and over on it. , Wearing loose sportswear to practice aerial yoga will increase the chance of running out of light (it is very likely that the whole piece will be turned over) or it is quite inconvenient to get stuck on the hanging cloth. At the same time, tight-fitting yoga clothes also help the teacher to confirm whether the posture is correct when doing yoga in the air.

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