Top 10 must-see attractions in Huizhou

Huizhou, located in the eastern part of Guangdong Province, integrates Guangfu culture and guest culture, and has rich natural tourism resources. There are not only scenic spots such as West Lake and Luofu Mountain, but also Internet celebrity scenic spots such as Shuangyue Bay and Xunliao Bay for night Tours. If you travel to Huizhou, these top 10 attractions should not be missed.

Yanzhou Island

Yanzhou Island, a picturesque ecological island, has a unique natural landscape and rich cultural heritage. Here, you can feel the charm of nature, appreciate the ancient salt culture, and explore the mysteries of the island.

Luofu Mountain

Luofu Mountain is a famous mountain in Huizhou and one of the key nature reserves in Guangdong Province. Luofu Mountain has magnificent natural scenery and rich animal and plant resources, as well as a long historical and cultural heritage.

Huizhou West Lake

The West Lake in Huizhou is a national scenic spot, where the mountains and rivers are deep and graceful, the floating islands are everywhere, and the green mountains are like Daisies. The ancient pavilions and pavilions are hidden in the verdant trees, and the landscape is wonderful in heaven. It has the reputation of “Ramouni Rooxi” and “Lingnan Pearl”.

Xunliao Bay

Xunliao Bay is one of the cleanest bays in hundreds of kilometers of east Guangdong. There are clear waters and beaches, as well as unique Marine erosion landforms and natural landscapes.

Double Moon Bay

Double Moon Bay is divided into two bays, consisting of two half-moon shapes adjacent to Daya Bay and Rainbow Bay. Here surrounded by the sea on three sides, because of the shape of the bird’s eye view like two new moons, so the name “Double moon Bay”.

Nankun Mountain

Nankunshan is a national AAAA tourist attraction and a national forest park under key protection. It is located in Longmen County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, and borders Zengcheng and Conghua under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou City. It is known as “the oasis of the Northern Return line”, “the summer paradise of the Southern country” and “the back garden of the Pearl River Delta”.

Lion Isle

Huizhou Lion Island is a beautiful island with beautiful beaches, strange rocks and peaceful villages. Here, you can enjoy the freshness and tranquility of the island and feel the charm of nature.

Grindstone Park

Mozi Stone Park is a Marine themed park with various sculptures and exhibitions of Marine life, which is a playground for children.

Delta island

Delta Island is a beautiful island with clear waters and white sand beaches that make it a perfect getaway.

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