Top 10 tourist attractions in Wuhan in 2023

Wuhan East Lake

Natural and cultural landscape: East Lake Scenic Area takes large natural lakes as the main landscape, with eight natural features of mountains, forests, grasslands, gardens, islands, dikes, fields and bays. It is composed of six areas, namely, Tutao, Mill mountain, falling wild goose, blowing flute, white horse and Luohong. Wuhan Botanical Garden is a comprehensive scientific research institution integrating scientific research, species conservation and science popularization education, and is one of the three core scientific botanical gardens in China. It was selected by the Ministry of Education as the first batch of national research and practice education bases and camps for primary and secondary school students.

Features and highlights: The Eye of East Lake Ferris Wheel faces East Lake, backs to Moshan Mountain, is adjacent to East Lake Greenway, Wuhan East Lake Moshan Cherry Garden, and East Lake Moshan ropeway. Chu Tiantai, facing each other, is one of the landmarks of the East Lake Scenic area. Moshan Scenic Spot is one of the core scenic spots of the East Lake Scenic spot, the largest Chu culture tourist area in China, the location of the Chinese plum blossom and lotus research center, and one of the world’s three major cherry blossom viewing resorts.

Evaluation and reputation: Wuhan East Lake Scenic Spot is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Wuhan and is favored by tourists. Visitors can enjoy the rich and colorful natural landscape here and feel the rich historical and cultural atmosphere.

Mulan Grassland

Natural and cultural landscape: The scenic area has a beautiful environment, with natural scenery such as mountains, forests, grasslands, lakes and waterfalls, while also integrating ancient culture and modern tourism elements.

Features and highlights: Mulan Grassland is divided into grassland style tourism area and leisure resort area, integrating grassland style sightseeing, outdoor development, water amusement, business conference, leisure vacation as one. Mulan Santai Mountain, with its beautiful peaks, lush vegetation and pleasant climate, is a blessed place for tourists to receive Buddhist baptism, experience the primitive atmosphere of nature and enjoy the mysterious wild. Mulan Tianchi is an important part of Mulan cultural and ecological tourism area, which mainly focuses on viewing waterfalls, streams, rocks and other landscapes, with rich forest resources and good ecological environment.

Evaluation and reputation: Huangpi Mulan Cultural eco-tourism Zone is known as the most beautiful eco-cultural leisure city in Central China, and is a large urban eco-tourism scenic spot group in central China, which is deeply loved by tourists.

Hubei Provincial Museum

Attractions Natural and cultural landscape:

Hubei Provincial Museum is a comprehensive museum mainly engaged in archaeological excavation and collection from various places. It has a rich collection of more than 260,000 pieces (sets) of cultural relics in its collection, especially bronze ware, lacquered wood ware and wooden slips. Gujian sword of King Yue, chimes of Zeng Hou Yi, Yunxian human skull fossil, and four love Tumei vase of blue and white in Yuan are the treasures of the museum.

Attractions Features and highlights: Hubei Provincial Museum is one of the eight national museums jointly built by the central and local governments, and it is also a key scientific research base of the National Cultural Heritage Administration for the protection of civil lacquerware, with strong scientific research strength. The museum displays rich and precious cultural relics, which are of great significance to understanding the 5,000-year history of Chinese civilization and the excellent cultural inheritance of the Chinese nation.

Evaluation and reputation: Hubei Provincial Museum, as a national first-class museum, is one of the famous cultural tourist attractions in Wuhan and is deeply loved by tourists. Visitors appreciate the museum’s collection of cultural relics and the scale of its exhibitions, and consider it an important place to learn about Chinese culture and history.

Yellow Crane Tower

Natural and cultural landscape: The Yellow Crane Tower is a landmark building in Wuhan City and one of the four famous buildings in ancient China. Together with Yueyang Tower in Hunan Province and Tengwang Pavilion in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, it is called the “three famous buildings of Jiangnan”. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge is a crossing between Hanyang District and Wuchang District in Wuhan, Hubei Province. It is located over the Yangtze River and is one of the important historical landmarks of Wuhan.

Features and highlights: Since ancient times, Yellow Crane Tower has attracted countless tourists with its unique architectural style, rich cultural heritage and magnificent scenery. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge is the first Yangtze River bridge built after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, known as “the first bridge in the Yangtze River” reputation, is one of the important landmark buildings of Wuhan City.

Evaluation and reputation: The Yellow Crane Tower and Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge are one of the most representative scenic spots in Wuhan and are favored by tourists. Visitors can feel the rich historical and cultural atmosphere here, but also enjoy the beautiful natural landscape.

Fengwa ancient village

Scenic spots Natural and cultural landscape: Fengwa Ancient Village is a comprehensive cultural tourism scenic spot integrating ancient architecture display, folk custom experience, antique exchange, non-genetic inheritance, leisure vacation, traditional Chinese health, special food and amusement interaction. It has the largest ancient architecture community of Ming and Qing dynasties and special museum group in central China. Among them, the folk museum and folk culture corridor display tens of thousands of folk collections, and the theater, folk customs street and farming experience park all reflect traditional Chinese culture.

Scenic features and highlights: Fengwa Ancient Village Scenic Area is one of the famous cultural tourist attractions in Wuhan. Its theme is ancient architecture and traditional culture of Ming and Qing Dynasties, providing tourists with a good place to learn about traditional culture. The Folk museum and folk culture corridor in the scenic spot show rich folk culture resources, and tourists can learn about Chinese traditional culture and folk customs here.

Evaluation and reputation: Fengwa Ancient Village scenic spot as a 4A level scenic spot, popular with tourists. Many tourists believe that the Ming and Qing ancient buildings and traditional cultural atmosphere in the scenic spot are very strong, making people feel as if they have traveled to ancient times and felt the charm of traditional Chinese culture. At the same time, the folk museum and folk culture corridor in the scenic spot are also popular with tourists, and are important places to understand Chinese traditional culture and history.

Wuhan Garden Expo Garden

Basic information: Located in Qiaokou District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Jinnan Road, an area of 213.77 hectares

Natural and cultural landscape: Wuhan Garden Expo Park consists of four main buildings and two service areas in the east and west. The main buildings include the International Garden Art Center, the Yangtze River Civilization Museum, the Flying Garden, and the Creative Life Museum, which respectively display classic garden art, the achievements of Yangtze River civilization, and the unique garden art of the three towns in Wuhan. The eastern service area reproduces the characteristic architectural art of Hankou City in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, while the western service area features Hubei folk houses.

Attractions Features and highlights: As the host of the 10th China International Garden Expo, Wuhan Garden Expo Park is a comprehensive garden scenic spot integrating culture, art, natural landscape and science and technology. There are not only a variety of garden landscapes in the park, but also a variety of cultural, scientific and technological exhibitions and activities, such as the international flower show, the International Garden Forum, and the Light Art Festival.

Evaluation and reputation: As a key tourist attraction in Wuhan, Wuhan Garden Expo Park is very popular among tourists, known as the “green lung of the city”, and is one of the important Windows for Wuhan to show the image of the city to the world.

Guiyuan Temple

Natural and cultural landscape: Guiyuan Zen Temple is a compact and reasonable building, the temple sits in the west to the east, the temple is divided into front and back two areas, the front area by the north courtyard, the middle courtyard and the south courtyard of three unique courtyards, respectively, with three groups of main buildings such as the Buddhist Pavilion, the Daxiongbao Hall and the Armor-Han Hall.

Attractions Features and highlights: Guiyuan Zen Temple is a national key Buddhist temple in the Han area, and belongs to the Caodong School, one of the seven schools of Zen Buddhism. There are many ancient buildings and cultural heritages in the temple, such as Jiulongwall of Guiyuan Temple, stone inscription of Guiyuan Temple and stone inscription of Guiyuan Temple, which have high historical and cultural value.

Evaluation and reputation: Guiyuan Zen Temple is one of the oldest temples in Wuhan, and its architecture and cultural heritage are favored by tourists. Tourists can feel the charm of Buddhist culture here, and can also participate in meditation, Buddhist scripture lectures and other activities in the temple, which is a good place for people to relax and feel the peaceful atmosphere.

Wuhan Happy Valley

Wuhan Happy Valley, located in Hanyang District, Wuhan City, is a large-scale amusement park integrating theme amusement, performing arts and leisure. There are a variety of exciting amusement facilities, such as roller coasters, carousels, roller coasters, as well as a variety of wonderful performing arts. If you are a person who loves excitement and entertainment, then Wuhan Happy Valley is definitely a place you can not miss.

Hubu Lane

Hubu Lane, located in Jianghan District, Wuhan City, is a well-preserved ancient block. There is a traditional architectural style and historical culture, as well as a variety of food and special commodities. Visiting here, you can feel the traditional Wuhan city culture and lifestyle, you can also taste the authentic Wuhan snacks and special products.

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