Top 7 Korean Food Recommendations

Although South Korea is not as vast and rich in resources as China, it also has many unique foods. Korean food is known for being spicy, and it is a dish that combines the richness and deliciousness of Chinese food with the juicy and fresh fish of Japanese food. So do you know what are the top ten classic Korean foods?


Kimchi is one of the most representative Korean traditional dishes and typical fermented food. South Korea, located in high latitudes, has long winters, a cold climate,s and short vegetable-growing seasons. Every winter, Korean housewives have to prepare winter food for their families. Vegetables such as cabbage, cucumbers, and radishes are pickled in autumn, so every family has a variety of kimchi in winter. In addition to Chinese cabbage, various leafy vegetables, such as radishes, leeks, shallots, and cucumbers, can also be used as the main ingredient for kimchi. Depending on the taste, meat or seafood can also be used as accessories. There are more than 100 kinds of kimchi with different flavors and different production methods. Kimchi is also used in various dishes.


Gimbap is a very common Korean dish that is very similar to sushi in Japanese cuisine, but much simpler. Seaweed wraps cooked rice with vegetables, meat, etc. Korean kimbap is actually evolved from Japanese sushi. Japanese sushi, which was introduced to Japan from the coastal areas of China around the third century AD, was originally just salted fish marinated with salt, but later changed to marinated fish with rice. After it was made, the fish was eaten with rice. This is today’s sushi. The predecessor of cooking.

Ginseng Chicken Soup

Ginseng Chicken Soup is a very famous and distinctive dish in Korea. It is a perfect combination of meat and nourishing foods. The ginseng chicken soup is not only non-greasy but also refreshing and delicious, with high nutritional value and a medicinal fragrance. The meat and bones are separated when the chicken chopsticks are clamped, and the aroma of the meat also has the aroma of rice and medicine. The chicken belly is filled with glutinous rice, and the glutinous rice that absorbs the essence of chicken soup is more delicious than tender chicken. At the same time, there are jujube, chestnut, wolfberry, Korean ginseng, and other ingredients in the chicken belly, which are rich in nutrients. It is widely loved by people for its simplicity and fragrant taste.

Korean barbeque

A dish made by soaking beef or pork in a seasoning made of miso, honey, etc., and then grilling. To eat bulgogi in Korea, take a piece of lettuce, put puffy bulgogi, put garlic slices, and add a little chili sauce.

Cold noodles

Dry mixed cold noodles are similar to the cold noodles we usually eat, but the sauce used for seasoning is red chili sauce; as for water cold noodles, it is the taste of soup noodles, the soup is cold, and some stores even add it to the soup A little crushed ice, the taste is particularly Q bomb.

Fried rice cake

In Korean dramas, one of the most common street food in Korea is fried rice cakes, which are common in Korean dramas and are bright red in color. It looks appetizing and is Korean food that many people like to eat. Fried rice cakes are made with chili paste, sugar, onions, and water. Han Bao Fried Rice Cake is not greasy, it tastes sweet, spicy, and delicious.

Fried chicken

When you come to South Korea, why not try the local fried chicken? With the popularity of the hit Korean drama “My Love from the Stars”, the popularity of fried chicken in South Korea is heating up again.

Korean fried chicken comes in original and other sauce flavors, the taste is great, and the texture is not greasy. Although the appearance is very similar to KFC’s, the taste is completely different. As for the difference, you need to experience it yourself.

If you travel to South Korea, you must eat these foods, they are very beautiful and delicious.

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