What are the causes of poor sleep quality?

Sleep quality is really too important, the blogger himself recently in Shenzhen, China, the state is not very good, sleep quality is good, jet lag. Today this article will take us to learn more about sleep related knowledge.

Reasons for poor sleep:

Environmental factor

The sleep environment is too noisy, the temperature is too high or too low, it is easy to make the human body feel uncomfortable, easy to cause insomnia and sleep.

Bad living habit

At night or before going to bed like to drink milk tea, coffee, cola, wine, etc., because these substances contain theophylline, coffee, alcohol and other substances, can stimulate the brain nerve center, resulting in nerve excitement, easy to cause insomnia and sleep.

Psychological factor

Excessive pressure, long-term anxiety, depression or sudden mood swings and other psychological reasons, will affect some of the neurological functions of the brain, resulting in brain physiological disorders, will cause insomnia can not sleep.

Disease factor

Symptoms of digestive diseases such as abdominal pain, abdominal distension and diarrhea, heart diseases such as chest tightness, palpitations and chest pain, or symptoms of urinary system diseases such as frequent urination, urgent urination and painful urination will cause physical discomfort and easily cause insomnia.

Then let’s find out what to do if you don’t sleep well

Proper exercise

Pay attention to adjust the living habits during the day, try not to sleep, you can do some exercise or participate in some outdoor activities appropriately, avoid overwork, more bubbles at night, can promote the body’s blood circulation, relax the leg muscles, the body from the tense state of release, help to improve the quality of sleep.

Taking medicine

If the situation of insomnia is more serious, improving the lifestyle can not alleviate the symptoms, you can take under the guidance of a doctor, such as glutamate tablets, soothing brain tonic liquid, zolpidem tartrate tablets and other drugs.

Sensible diet

Usually do not eat too much at night, the right amount is good, so as not to digest the food and affect sleep, avoid eating spicy stimulating food, such as chili, garlic, ginger, etc., coffee and tea will lead to brain nerve excitement, but also to avoid eating, you can drink a cup of hot milk or warm water before going to bed, help sleep.

Finally, let’s learn how to improve the quality of sleep

Choosing a comfortable pillow

If you can’t sleep is related to the pillow, then you can according to your own situation, replace a comfortable pillow suitable for your own, so that it may not be easy to sleep.

Keeping your bedroom clean

We should keep the bed clean, try not to eat in bed, do not put snacks on the bedside table, regularly clean the bedroom, such a clean and comfortable environment, but also may help you improve insomnia.

Turning off the light and go to bed

Before going to bed, try to turn off all the indoor lights, if the outdoor lights are obvious or the curtain leaks, then try to close the curtains, or use the curtain with a good blackout effect, so that the dark environment may be easier to fall asleep.

Reading a book

If you do not love reading, a reading is sleepy, then you can try to read when you can not sleep, so that you may fall asleep.

Listening to light music

Listening to light music is also a good way to help sleep, like some melody is very beautiful piano music or the sound of natural water, birdsong and so on, can help everyone relax, and then achieve the effect of falling asleep as soon as possible.

Tie bar

One can enhance the flexibility of the body, the second can relieve pressure, especially the work pressure can not sleep office workers, you can use the way of stretching, to help everyone improve the situation of insomnia.

Eliminate noise in the bedroom

Sometimes the reason why we have insomnia may be related to the noise in the bedroom, if this is the case, we can turn off all the power switches before going to bed, so that after the noise is reduced, it may be easier to fall asleep.

The above is about sleep knowledge sharing, I hope it can help you.

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