What are the outdoor sports?

There is a wide variety of outdoor sports to suit a wide range of interests and preferences. The following are some common outdoor sports, through the following article we can understand more in-depth, let’s take a look!

Go fishing

Fishing is the activity of catching fish in the water. This can be done in a lake, river or ocean and requires a certain amount of skill and patience. Fishing is not only a recreational activity, but also a way for many people to relax and lighten their minds.

Flight sport

Flying sports include all kinds of activities that take place in the air, such as paragliding, hot air balloons and gliders. These activities allow people to see the ground from the air and experience the freedom and excitement of flying.


Camping is camping in the open air. This can be a campsite in a forest, mountain or desert, offering a way to be close to nature, admire the stars and enjoy the outdoor life.


Diving is an underwater activity that allows people to explore the wonders of the underwater world. This can be done in oceans, lakes or rivers and requires professional training and equipment.

Sports climbing

Rock climbing is the activity of climbing on artificial or natural rock walls. Climbers use a variety of techniques and equipment to challenge their bodies and skills to reach the top of the rock wall.


Archery is the sport of using a bow and arrow to shoot accurately at a target. It’s an activity that requires precision and concentration, and it’s also an ancient and challenging sport.

Ice sport

Ice sports include various activities performed on the ice, such as ice hockey, ice skating and ice fishing. These events usually take place during the winter and provide an opportunity for people to exercise and have fun on the ice.


Hiking is the activity of walking in a variety of terrains and environments. It can range from simple day hikes to challenging long hikes such as multi-day crossing mountains or crossing deserts. Hiking allows people to get close to nature, enjoy the landscape, and experience the joys of outdoor life.

Mountain climbing

Mountaineering is the climbing of mountains, rock faces or glaciers. This requires good physical fitness, skills and equipment, as well as adaptability to high-altitude environments and extreme weather. Mountaineers are usually well prepared and trained before climbing to ensure safety.


Cycling is the activity of using a bicycle or mountain bike to ride through various terrains. This can be cycling through mountain trails, the countryside or the city, providing a way to exercise, explore the environment and enjoy the scenery.

Skiing and skateboarding

Skiing and skateboarding are the activities of gliding over snow. Skiing includes traditional double-boarding and snowboarding, while skateboarding is the use of snowboards to glide over snow. These activities usually take place during the snow season and provide a challenging and fun-filled outdoor sports experience.

Water sports

Water sports include all kinds of activities that take place on the water, such as kayaking, surfing, boating, windsurfing and jet skiing. These activities can take place in the ocean, lake or river, providing people with the opportunity to be close to the water and enjoy the fun of water sports.

Then let’s see what we need to pay attention to outdoor sports

Protecting the environment

When exercising outdoors, protect the environment, do not destroy vegetation, cut down trees, discard garbage, etc. At the same time, be careful to protect wild animals and plants, do not hunt or pick wild animals and plants.

Paying attention to personal safety

When exercising outdoors, pay attention to personal safety and do not climb steep mountains or buildings that have not been assessed for safety. Also avoid dangerous areas such as unknown caves or waters.

Avoiding acting alone

When exercising outdoors, avoid going alone, especially in places where people are off the beaten track or the terrain is difficult. If you must travel alone, inform others in advance and bring necessary equipment and emergency supplies.

Paying attention to food safety

When exercising outdoors, pay attention to food safety and do not eat unclean or undercooked food. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the shelf life and storage conditions of food to avoid food deterioration or contamination.

Staying hydrated

When exercising outdoors, keep your body hydrated, especially in hot, dry environments. Drink water regularly. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty.

Watching the weather

When exercising outdoors, pay attention to weather changes, especially weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, rain and snow. If the weather changes or there are adverse conditions, adjust the itinerary or seek help in time.

Be well prepared

Before doing outdoor sports, be fully prepared, including wearing appropriate sports equipment, carrying enough water and food, knowing the route and weather conditions of the destination.

These outdoor activities are rich and varied to suit a wide range of interests and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a thrill challenge or enjoying quiet relaxation, you can find the right activity in outdoor sports.

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