What are the types of cabinets?

There are various types of cabinets, and cabinets are also essential products for every family. This article will introduce us more relevant knowledge about cabinets

What are the types of cabinets?

Shoe cabinet

The shoe closet is usually located at the entrance or in the bedroom and is used to store shoes, rain gear and cleaning supplies. Common shoe cabinet types include simple shoe racks, multi-layer shoe cabinets and rotating shoe cabinets, etc. The material choice is usually wood or metal, with breathable and moisture-proof functions.

Wine cabinet

A wine cabinet is a piece of furniture specially designed for storing alcoholic drinks, and is usually designed to keep the wine fresh and display. The wine cabinet generally has layered storage, temperature control function and shock-proof design to ensure the quality and taste of the wine.

Dressing table/dresser

A dresser or dresser is a special piece of furniture for women, used to store cosmetics, jewelry and makeup tools, and to provide the mirrors and lights needed for makeup. The dresser is usually designed with drawers, countertops and mirrors, and can be selected according to personal preference.

TV stand

The TV cabinet is the furniture used to place the TV and audio and video equipment, and the design takes into account the support and ventilation of the equipment, as well as the management of the wire. TV cabinets are usually available in open and closed designs, with a variety of material options, including wood, glass and metal.


The types of wardrobe are wardrobe, sliding door, folding door, etc., and various materials, including wood, metal and plastic. Modern wardrobes are usually designed with multi-functional areas, such as hanging areas, drawer areas and storage basket areas, to meet the storage needs of different clothes.


Cabinets are indispensable storage furniture in the kitchen, which is divided into upper cabinets and lower cabinets for storing food, cookware, tableware and other kitchen supplies. Cabinets are usually made of moisture-proof and durable materials, such as wood, wood-based panels and stainless steel.

File cabinet

File cabinets are mainly used in office Spaces or home offices to store files, folders, and office supplies. Common file cabinet types include side door type, drawer type and sliding door type, the material is generally selected steel or wood, with fire and anti-theft functions of the file cabinet is also more common.


Bookcases are used to store books, magazines and decorations, and have different designs such as hanging cabinet, standing cabinet and bookshelf. Bookcase materials and styles are different, can be selected according to personal preferences and home decoration style.

Jewel cabinet

A cabinet used to store jewelry and valuables, usually with anti-theft and moisture-proof features.

Key cabinet

A cabinet for storing keys, usually used to organize the keys of a home or business place.

Medicine cabinet

A cabinet for storing medicines and medical supplies, usually with a locking function and special storage space.

The above mainly introduces the 11 types of cabinets, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

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