What are the types of flowers?

There are many different types of flowers, which can be divided into many types according to different classification criteria. Here are some common types of flowers:


Sunflowers are known for their bright yellow colors and large flowers that bring joy and energy to a room.

Calla lily

Calla Lily is an elegant aquatic plant, its flowers are beautiful and pure, suitable for decorating rooms in hydroponic vases.


With their rich colors and chunky flowers, hydrangeas are an ideal room ornament and can also play a great embellishing role in a bouquet.

Perfume lily

This kind of lily has an intoxicating aroma and can fill a room with fragrance.


The light fragrance of lavender helps you relax and is a great choice for your bedroom or lounge.


Classic and elegant, roses are a common room flower choice, available in a variety of colors, each with a unique aroma.


Carnations come in a variety of colors and are durable, suitable as cut flowers in vases and can last for a while.


The elegance and purity of lilies make them ideal for room decor, and there are many varieties to choose from, including perfume lilies and tulip lilies, among others.


Jasmine has a charming aroma and is often used to enhance the atmosphere and air quality of a room.

Champagne rose

This elegant rose color is perfect for a romantic atmosphere in a room, and their light scent is also pleasant.

Then let’s understand how to buy flowers?

Seeing the shape of the flower

The flower shape should not be too small, because too small flower shape is often caused by the removal of the outer damaged or yellow petals, which means that the flower period will not be long even if it is bought back.

Looking at leaves

If the leaf surface is slightly wilted, yellow, or immersed in water flower stems, leaves become brown, black flower branches, poor freshness, it is not suitable to buy.

Looking at the flowers

The longer the flower branches, the fresher: When buying flowers, choose the oldest flower branches of the same kind. In order to keep it fresh and improve water absorption, florists cut off a section of the lower end of the cut flower stem every day. Therefore, the longer the stem, the fresher the flower.

Depending on the state

If you are taking it home and putting it in a vase, it is best to choose the flowers that are in bud. In this way, you can enjoy the whole process of flower opening, flower dying in the future time, and at the same time, when the flower is in bloom, it emits a unique fragrance.

Reading the flower

When choosing a double petal flower such as a rose, the petals of the flower are more layered, and you can see whether the state of the flower head petals is soft or strong. If it is a hard feeling, it proves that the flower is relatively fresh. At the same time, the petals are full of elasticity and bright colors are suitable for purchase.

Finally, let’s learn how to care for flowers

How to place flowers

It is best to keep the temperature between 10-15 ° C, humidity between 70-90%, more than 20 ° C flowers will open faster, but also open a little longer.

How to raise flowers: To protect the flowering of flowers. Set the height of the flower maintenance, remove part of the leaves, because too many leaves will affect the overall respiration of flowers, flowers, less leaves do not need to be removed, the part of the water can not have leaves, the reason is that this part of the leaves in the water for a long time to rot and breed bacteria and block the water absorption pipe of the flower branches causing flowers to fall dehydrated petals.

How to change water: Now the pace of life is fast, people are more trivia, water is easy to be forgotten and neglected, but I do not know that the frequency of water change is directly determined to buy flowers. Why change the water? Because the part of the flower that is not able to bubble in the water can easily breed bacteria and block the water absorption pipe of the flower branches, causing the flower to dehydrate and drop the petals. Therefore, the maintenance of flowers do not want to other, need to change the water often.

The above is about flowers related knowledge sharing, I hope it can help you.

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