What are the types of high heels?

High heels can make women look more beautiful, there are many types of high heels, this article will take us to learn more about high heels related knowledge.

What are the types of high heels?

Strappy sandals and high heels

There are only a few simple lines, so the space shown is much less, and the design sense will be reduced, but the same is that everything is practical, and the real everything does not pick people, of course, it does not pick occasions. Because the design is clean and fresh, there are almost no restrictions, and because the design is cool enough, there are no restrictions on the foot type, so everything goes well.

Platform heels

Platform heels are an iconic fashion trend from the ’70s and are still popular today to give you a classy look. While the height of a high heel can take some getting used to, platform heels are one of the most supportive heel styles and are characterized by being flat and sturdy. These shoes look cute, stylish and retro.

Square toe high heels

Because of the square design, so the “rules” binding force is not small, so want to be free and easy so certainly not, square head high heels are more suitable for regular work and rest office workers.

Pointy heels

Pointy heels are extremely versatile because they are beautiful and enhance temperament. Although everything but also need the appropriate choice, for example, if the design of high heels is extremely simple, then the matching style can not be too flashy, otherwise it will be top-heavy.

Professional high heels

Professional high heels are generally a style, the color is basically black, leather or suede based, the shoe body does not have any pattern, with a formal and serious style as the majority, but also the graduates who first entered the workplace choose the most high heels, although the style is tacky but with black and white professional clothes never go wrong.

High-heeled slippers

Slippers are the most convenient shoes to go out on the street, high-heeled slippers are more temperament than the general flat slippers, the material of the general high-heeled slippers and the material of the stiletto, but it will not wear the heels compared to high heels, hurry to go out is suitable for wearing a pair of high-heeled slippers, can not wear slippers to work, even if it is the best not to wear high-heeled shoes, it is not formal.

Peep-toe heels

Peep-toe heels show off your manicured toes and are perfect for spring and summer outfits. Whether it’s for a walk around town or a gala night out, a pair of bright open-toed shoes can make your outfit a focal point.

Wedge heels

Wedge heels are not so formal, and it is generally paired with a casual style and can even be cute. These high heels are characterized by soft and very thick soles. It is generally divided into two kinds, one is the first pair of shoes like the heel to the tip of the shoe thickness from thick to thin, wear up will still have a little slope feeling, but walk more stable. The second is that the whole pair of shoes are one thickness, and there is no heel to wear, which is comfortable and convenient. Both kinds of shoes are casual.

Stiletto heels

The style of this kind of high heels is generally exquisite, the color pattern also has a lot of choices, the height of the heel can also be chosen according to their own needs, with professional clothing is simply open, many girls who are not tall enough can choose higher high heels to enhance their aura.

Tapered heels

A tapered heel is a triangle. For work or more casual occasions, tapered heels are reserved and appropriate.

Chunky heels

These kinds of high heels are generally shorter and thicker, and are the styles that girls who have just started trying to wear high heels can choose, and will not sprain their feet. Now on the market, the style of such high heels is generally more banded, the color is also a lot, the fabric is basically cashmere, not dirty but very good looking.

Then let’s understand what are the precautions for wearing high heels?

Walk correctly in high heels

Point your feet straight in front of you, clamp your hips, and keep your upper body straight. This can avoid the uneven distribution of pressure, thereby alleviating the swelling of legs and feet, promoting blood circulation, and reducing leg soreness.

Paying attention to walking environment

Do not wear high heels on the uneven road, do not wear high heels to walk fast, not to climb mountains and so on. Don’t always wear heels of the same height, one side of the foot is often squeezed in the same area.

Moderating rest

Walking in high heels should pay attention to rest, you can tilt your toes and move your calves.

Picking a size

In the purchase of high heels, it is best to go to try on, try on to buy the most suitable size for their feet, because it is easy to fall behind, and walk is not convenient, but also easy to fatigue, it is recommended to choose their own suitable, and then use silicone heel pads to ease friction.

Periodic wear

If you wear only a pair of high heels for a long time, it will cause the same position of the foot to be squeezed for a long time, which is very bad, so it is recommended to prepare a few pairs of high heels, so that you can change to wear at any time, but also to relieve the sense of pressure of the foot position.

The above is about high heels related knowledge to share, I hope it can help you.

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