What are the types of mosquito coil?

Especially in the summer, there are more mosquitoes, and it is necessary to prepare mosquito repellent incense at night. This article will take us to learn more about mosquito-repellent incense related knowledge.

What are the types of mosquito coil?

Gauze mosquito repellent incense

Gauze mosquito repellent is usually a small mosquito repellent ball or coil, which can be hung on the bedside, window or on the body when used. This kind of mosquito repellent is generally available in many colors.

Liquid mosquito repellent incense

Liquid mosquito repellent is a kind of mosquito repellent incense that emits flavor by heating the liquid mosquito repellent, and special heaters are required when using it. In addition to the mosquito killing effect, this mosquito coil also has a fresh smell, adjust the humidity and other functions. When using, it is necessary to prepare the mosquito repellent liquid in advance and heat it in the heater, and then wait for it to emit flavor.

Smokeless mosquito repellent incense

Smokeless mosquito repellent is an innovative mosquito repellent on the basis of traditional mosquito repellent. It uses low-smoke materials and adds herbal essences, flavors and other ingredients to make it smoke-free and fragrant when burned. The smell of this mosquito coil is also relatively more refreshing and natural.

Electric mosquito repellent incense

Electric mosquito-repellent is more environmentally friendly and safe than traditional burning mosquito-repellent. This mosquito coil is mostly white, pink or yellow, and needs to be plugged into the power supply when used. In addition, electric mosquito-repellent incense sometimes has some herbal components, which can kill bacteria and remove odor.

Ordinary spiral mosquito coil incense

Common spiral mosquito coil is the most common type of mosquito coil, the shape is curled spiral, usually lavender or light green. This type of mosquito repellent mainly burns its main component, kaolin, to repel mosquitoes and is commonly found outdoors or in indoor places with air circulation. When using, the mosquito repellent incense is lit and placed near the incense burner or fire source, so that it can emit smell to repel mosquitoes.

Then together to understand how to buy mosquito-repellent incense?


Non-toxic mosquito-repellent incense in the combustion of the smell of aromatic; The smell produced by the poisonous mosquito coils is pungent.

Looking at the flame color

Qualified mosquito-repellent incense only has a yellow flame and bluish white smoke after ignition, while toxic mosquito-repellent incense has a green flame and black smoke.

Looking at the craft

Non-toxic mosquito-repellent incense processing fine, uniform color, a coil of mosquito-repellent incense can burn for 5-7 hours; Poisonous mosquito-repellent incense is rough in processing, uneven in color and light, and has large particle impurities. It is easy to break when dividing plates, and easy to extinguish after igniting.

Paying attention to check whether the standard is met

Mosquito-repellent products include coil type mosquito-repellent, electric mosquito-repellent, electric liquid mosquito-repellent, etc. When purchasing such products, pay attention to whether there are “three certificates” on the packaging box: “pesticide production license, pesticide registration certificate, pesticide standard” words, as well as toxicity levels, to reach “low toxicity” or “slightly toxic” standards to use.

Finally, what should we pay attention to when using mosquito-repellent incense?

Don’t leave the mosquito coils burning

Do not keep the mosquito coils burning to avoid a variety of potential problems. First of all, prolonged exposure to mosquito-repellent liquid may have a negative impact on the mosquito-repellent liquid itself, the socket socket and the safety of electricity. Secondly, using mosquito repellent liquid for a long time may cause people to feel uncomfortable. Finally, excessive use of mosquito coils may have adverse effects on the respiratory tract and nervous system. Therefore, in order to ensure safety and health, it is recommended not to let the mosquito coil ignite for a long time.

Don’t close doors and Windows

When using mosquito-repellent incense, keep the room ventilated. When the mosquito coil is lit, it produces a gas, which is used to kill mosquitoes. Although the toxicity of this gas is very small, the human body can also be harmed in an unventilated place for a long time. Especially when using electric mosquito coils, air circulation should be ensured to avoid inhaling harmful substances. At the same time, in order to reduce the number of mosquitoes, you can place cool oil, wind oil or blooming plants in the bedroom, which have the effect of repellent mosquitoes.

Timely power off

Timely power off is an important note when using electric mosquito-repellent incense. Many people forget to power off after using the electric mosquito repellent, which not only leads to the waste of mosquito repellent liquid, but also shortens the service life of the electric mosquito repellent host. In order to solve this problem, it is recommended to place the electric mosquito coil in a prominent position so that the power is off the first time after waking up every morning. This can not only save resources, but also extend the service life of electric mosquito coil.

Paying attention to fire prevention

When using mosquito repellent incense, fire prevention is of Paramount importance. First of all, there should be no flammable gases, such as gasoline, in the room, because the contact of these gases with the flame generated by the mosquito coil can cause a fire. Therefore, before using mosquito coils, be sure that there are no combustible gases or items in the room. In addition, the mosquito repellent incense should be extinguished in time after use to avoid a fire caused by long-term burning.

The above is about mosquito-repellent incense related knowledge to share, I hope to help you.

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