What are the types of mosquito coils?

There are several different types of mosquito coils, mainly classified according to their form and method of use. Here are some common types:

Spiral mosquito repellent incense

This is one of the most common types of mosquito coils, and they are in a spiral shape, usually supported by a bracket or bracket insert. When lit, they burn slowly, releasing the smell of mosquito repellent.

Mosquito coil incense

The mosquito repellent is a flat disc that is usually placed on a specially designed tray. When lit, they burn slowly and emit a mosquito repellent aroma.

Spray mosquito repellent incense

This type of mosquito repellent is released as a spray, usually in a tank of compressed gas. Users can release the repellent by pressing a button or g lighting them.

Electric mosquito repellent liquid

This is an electric device that usually uses liquid mosquito coils. The liquid mosquito repellent is heated to release the repellent ingredients. These devices are usually reusable and require only the replacement of liquid mosquito coils.

Hanging mosquito repellent incense

These coils are usually a device that is hung on walls, doors, Windows, or other objects with the purpose of repelling mosquitoes or other insects. They can be vaporizers of chemical repellents, or they can be made from the dried flowers and flowers of natural plants.

Plant repellent

These coils are usually made of natural plant materials, such as lemongrass, lavender, etc., and they emit an odor that is thought to repel mosquitoes. It is usually sold as a dried plant that can be placed in a room or hung in a window.

Then together to understand how to buy mosquito-repellent incense?

Seeing the usage scenario

Choose suitable mosquito repellent incense according to your own needs. If there are elderly people, children or people with sensitive respiratory tract, it is recommended to choose electric mosquito repellent liquid or smokeless mosquito repellent. If you need to go out for a long time, you can choose mosquito repellent patches.

Seeing the brand

Choose well-known brand mosquito-repellent incense, quality is more guaranteed. The more popular mosquito-repellent brands on the market are radar, Golden bird, green Eagle and so on. These brands of mosquito repellent incense have certain guarantees in terms of composition, safety and repellent effect.

Looking at the composition

When buying mosquito repellent incense, first check the ingredients of the product. Good quality mosquito repellent incense should contain natural plant essential oils, such as lemongrass oil, lavender oil, etc. Avoid buying mosquito-repellent incense containing chemical ingredients to avoid harm to the human body.

Finally, what are the precautions for using mosquito repellent?

Paying attention to fire prevention

After the mosquito coil is lit, the temperature at the ignition point reaches several hundred degrees, which can easily ignite the surrounding items, therefore, when used, it is necessary to stay away from the flammable materials around.

Do not close doors and Windows when using electric mosquito repellent

The smoke produced by burning mosquito coils contains inhalable particles, which may be irritating to high-risk groups in indoor environments, such as infants, pregnant women, the elderly and asthma patients.

Increasing the dose

In order to highlight the effect, some people lit multiple mosquito coils at a time, resulting in a rapid increase in concentration in a short time. A few days ago, a family in Anhui province lit 20 mosquito coils at a time, and the result was that all five members of the family were hospitalized.

The above is about mosquito-repellent incense related knowledge to share, I hope to help you.

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