What are the types of rice noodles?

Rice noodles are a popular Asian food commonly found in Southeast Asia, especially in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. There are many types of it, mainly according to the material and thickness of the classification. Here are some common types:

Peel the rice flour with a knife

Knife-cut rice noodles are made in a slightly different way, not in a linear form, but like fettuccine, which is often used to make certain dishes, such as Chinese rice noodles.


Vermicelli is slightly thinner than rice noodles and is a specially processed rice flour product. In the production process, the rice is usually soaked and ground, and then the rice milk is made into thin lines through a special machine, and finally dried. The vermicelli need to be softened before cooking, and then they can be cooked into a variety of delicious dishes.

Corn meal

Corn flour is rice flour made from corn starch and has a slightly different taste compared to rice flour made from rice. Rice noodles made from corn flour are commonly found in some specific regions or cuisines, such as corn flour soup in Northeast China.

Sweet potato powder

Sweet potato flour is rice flour made from sweet potato starch, which has a unique sweet taste. Sweet potato powder is rich in starch and delicate in taste. It is often found in some local dishes.

Fine rice flour

Fine rice noodles are one of the most common types in making rice noodles and are usually made from rice. In the production process, the rice is ground, screened and processed to form a fine, smooth rice flour. It is translucent when cooked and has a smooth texture, which is suitable for different cooking methods such as cold mixing, stir-frying and soups.

Coarse rice flour

Coarse rice noodles are coarser than fine rice noodles and are often used in dishes that require a richer texture, such as Pad Thai in Thailand. Coarse rice flour generally does not need to be finely ground during processing, so it retains a certain sense of granularity, making the taste richer.

Then let’s understand how to buy rice noodles?

Looking at the ingredient list

We know whether it is weaning auxiliary rice flour or weaning supplementary rice flour. The former provides a certain amount of heat at the same time, but also added fat, protein, minerals, vitamins; The latter has low fat and protein content, in addition to several vitamins and minerals, vegetables, fruits and dietary fiber are also added.

Looking at the organization and impact of the product

It should be powdery or flaky, dry and loose, uniform and no caking. After brewing or cooking with an appropriate amount of warm water, stir thoroughly to form a smooth paste.

Looking at the color and smell of the product

Good quality rice flour should be the white of rice, uniform, with the fragrance of rice flour, no other odor, such as flavor.

Looking at the package instructions

Infant rice noodles should state that “the most ideal food for infants is breast milk, and this product can be consumed when there is insufficient or no breast milk; When infants over 6 months eat this product, it should be supplemented with supplementary food.” Weaning formula rice flour should also indicate “weaning formula food” or “weaning supplement food” and so on. These are statements that businesses must make clear to consumers.

Seeing whether the labels in the nutrition table are complete and whether the content is reasonable

The nutrition table generally indicates basic nutrients such as calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates, vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, some B vitamins, and trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus.

Checking whether the label on the package is complete

The national standard stipulates that the outer package must be marked with the name of the factory, the site of the factory, the date of production, the shelf life, the implementation standard, the trademark, the net content, the list of ingredients, the list of nutrition ingredients and the method of consumption. Products that lack any of these items are best not purchased.

Trying to choose the products of large scale, good product and service quality brand enterprises

The product formulation design of these enterprises is more scientific and reasonable, the control of raw materials is more strict, and the quality is guaranteed.

Finally, what are the precautions for eating rice noodles?

Rice noodles can not be eaten with white wine

When eating rice noodles, pay attention to choosing the right collocation method is very important, it is very suitable to eat with some vegetables, you can also eat with some meat, but you can not eat at the same time with white wine, if you drink white wine when eating rice noodles, then it will reduce the nutritional value of rice noodles, and it will form a certain stimulus to your gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, rice flour and liquor can not be eaten at the same time, and I hope that everyone can avoid this kind of collocation.

Rice noodles need cooked food

There are many kinds of rice noodles, very delicious way to eat, but we should pay attention to the rice noodles must be cooked after eating, if it is raw rice noodles, then it is not edible, once you eat raw rice noodles, it is not easy to be digested by your stomach, but also cause some adverse reactions. Therefore, we usually eat rice noodles must pay attention to it after cooking to be able to eat, do not cook must not eat.

Rice noodles should not be consumed in excess

Although rice flour contains all kinds of nutrients are very sufficient, but pay attention to rice flour can not eat more, because rice flour contains a certain amount of calories and a certain amount of fat components in it, if you eat too much it may cause obesity, and eat too much will easily cause the burden of the stomach, so everyone usually eat rice flour must pay attention, can not eat too much, Otherwise, it will bring some burden to your body.

The above is about rice noodle related knowledge to share, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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