What are the types of slippers?

Slippers everyone must have, cheap, by many people like, this article will take us to understand the types of slippers are what?

Health slippers


There are stones on the upper, wearing this kind of slippers to walk as if on the stone road has a massage effect on the footsteps

Dredge meridians and collaterals on foot points, harmonize Yin and Yang, reduce fatigue, healthy five viscera, relax tendons and help sleep

Flip flops


Fashion, beautiful, mature personality, walking heel feet

Plush slippers

This material of slippers soft and comfortable, soft touch, suitable for family daily wear.

Leather slippers

Use cowhide or artificial leather fabric, wear resistance to acid and alkali, suitable for outdoor activities.

Beach slippers

Rubber sole and mesh fabric combined, good air permeability, strong anti-slip performance, suitable for the beach and other venues to wear.

Cave slippers

Crocs are also relatively common, waterproof, dirty and cheap.

Then let’s understand how to buy slippers?


Wearability is an important factor to consider when purchasing slippers. In general, good quality slippers are more durable, while poor quality is easy to damage. Therefore, in the purchase of slippers, to choose good quality products.


Price is an important factor to consider when buying slippers. In general, the quality of high price slippers will be better, but the low price is not necessarily bad. Therefore, when buying slippers, choose the most appropriate product according to your needs and budget.

Considering the occasion

Different occasions require different slippers. For example, when taking a bath, you need slippers with good waterproof performance, and when outdoor activities, you need slippers with good anti-slip performance. Therefore, when buying slippers, choose the most suitable slippers according to different occasions.

Try on

Before buying slippers, it is best to try them on to ensure that the slippers are comfortable and moderate.

Checking the upper

The material and design of the upper directly affect the appearance and breathability of the slippers. Generally speaking, the upper of materials such as cotton and linen is more breathable, while the upper of materials such as leather and nylon is more durable. When buying slippers, check the material and design of the upper in order to choose the slippers that best meet your needs.

Paying attention to the sole

The material and thickness of the sole directly affect the comfort and durability of the slippers. Generally speaking, foam soles are soft and suitable for indoor wear, while rubber and EVA soles are more wear-resistant and non-slip, suitable for outdoor wear.

Choosing the right material

The material of the slippers directly affects its comfort and durability. In general, slippers made of rubber, EVA and foam are more comfortable, while slippers made of cotton and linen are more breathable. Therefore, when buying slippers, choose the right material according to your needs.

Set foot

Slippers are suitable for different foot types. For example, people with flat feet are suitable to choose slippers with arch support, while people with high arches are suitable to choose soft-soled slippers. Therefore, before buying slippers, you must first understand your foot type in order to choose the most suitable slippers.

The above is about slippers related knowledge to share, I hope to help you.

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