What are the types of zongzi?

Recently, the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, it is more popular to eat zongzi, today take you to understand more about the relevant knowledge of zongzi.

What are the types of zongzi?

Roast pork zongzi

Roast meat Zongzi is a unique local traditional food in southern Fujian province. When making, soak the glutinous rice and let it dry, mix it with brine soup and onion oil, fry it in a pot until dry and loose, stir it well with braised pork and raw chestnuts, and cook it well with bamboo leaves. Meat Zongzi should be eaten while hot, when eating with satay sauce, garlic, red hot sauce and other spices, it is delicious.

Bamboo dumpling

Bamboo simple palm is a characteristic of Yunnan ethnic minorities. Bamboo tubes made of fresh golden bamboo, fragrant bamboo, thin bamboo and sweet bamboo are used as containers. Each section of bamboo is filled with water and rice and ingredients, sealed with wide banana and 粽粑 leaves.

Honey zongzi

Honey Zongzi is a special snack in Xi ‘an, Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi Province. It looks like wilting, white Ying jade, cool summer heat, without any filling, simple glutinous rice with honey, the most classic way to eat is to cool it and slice it, drizzled with sugar, osmanthus or rose dew.

Salted egg rice dumpling

Zongzi with salted egg and meat is a home-cooked dish. The main materials are bamboo leaves, straw rope, good pork belly, salted egg yolk. Soak rice, peeled mung beans, drain water, add appropriate amount of salt, peanut oil mix well. Take two leaves, roll into a vertebral shape, first scoop an appropriate amount of glutinous rice, and then put an appropriate amount of peeled mung beans, a little eyebrow beans. Half a salted egg yolk, pork belly. Cover it with a few peeled mung beans, then cover it with glutinous rice, leaving a little distance from the edge of the leaf, and then wrap it up and tie it tightly. Put water in the pressure cooker, bring to a boil, put all the dumplings in, cover, high pressure for 2 hours.

Chestnut meat zongzi

Known as the “King of thousands of fruits” reputation of chestnut, met the delicious pork, coupled with the selection of glutinous rice, chestnut/pork/glutinous rice/Zongye after cooking perfect fusion, pork rich and mellow gravy into the glutinous rice and chestnut, interpretation of a magnificent movement on the tip of the tongue, delicious.

Then let’s understand how to buy zongzi?

Check the packing

Now many zongzi are ready-to-eat, using vacuum packaging, has completed the sterilization process before the market, but some products will appear packaging damage, air leakage and even mildew, if found, should not be used, it is recommended to find regular channels and manufacturers to buy, convenient after-sales, quality is more guaranteed.

Identify the color of Zongzi leaves

Fresh zongzi leaves are green and will darken after cooking, so if the zongzi leaves are bright green, it is likely that other ingredients have been added. Because zongzi manufacturers have a high demand for zongzi leaves, picking in the season is prone to a shortage of supply, usually the previous year from July to October Zongzi leaves growth season to store a batch of dry zongzi leaves, Zongzi leaves will turn yellow and dark after drying, and not green.

Reading the label

As a food, zongzi also has the QS safety mark issued by the state, so when buying zongzi, check whether there is a QS safety mark on the package, if there is no, do not buy it.

Paying attention to the warranty period

Vacuum pre-packaged zongzi cocoa placed in the refrigerator or indoor cool place, according to the method indicated in the bag for processing and eating, to be steamed and cooked thoroughly, open the bag of zongzi, room temperature storage should not exceed 2 hours. Buy fresh zongzi every time on demand, buy and eat now, do not store for a long time. Fresh zongzi and quick-frozen zongzi should be frozen in the refrigerator in time.

Finally, what are the precautions for eating zongzi?

Don’t eat before bed

Because glutinous rice is sticky and has high starch content, it needs to be digested by a large amount of amylase secreted by the gastrointestinal tract after eating. After sleeping, gastrointestinal peristalsis decreases and amylase secretion decreases in the resting state, which easily leads to indigestion and accumulation of food.

Paying attention to exercise

After eating, it is necessary to pay attention to timely exercise and walk to enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis and help digestion, especially for teenagers and children, to avoid accumulation of food.

It’s best to eat it hot

Because glutinous rice will solidify and harden if the temperature drops after cooking, it is not easy to digest, and cold rice dumplings are best eaten after heating.

The above is about zongzi related knowledge to share, I hope to help you.

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