What effect and function does mutton have?

Mutton is nutritious and tastes good. Many people like it. Mutton may have the effects of supplementing high-quality protein, tonifying blood, warming the spleen, enhancing immunity, and promoting blood circulation. If you have any discomfort, you need to seek medical help in time.

What effect and function does mutton have

Replenish blood

Lamb is rich in iron, which helps in the synthesis of hemoglobin. For people with anemia and insufficient qi and blood, proper consumption of mutton can play a role in replenishing blood, improving complexion and reducing fatigue.

Supplement quality protein

Mutton is rich in high-quality protein, which helps to form and repair muscles, enhance physical fitness, and improve immunity. For manual workers, lamb can provide the necessary energy and nutrients to help keep the body healthy.

Boost immunity

Mutton is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins B1, B2 and zinc, nutrients that help improve the body’s immunity and resist various diseases.

Warm the middle and strengthen the spleen

Mutton is warm and has the function of warming the spleen. For people with weak spleen and stomach and dyspepsia, appropriate consumption of mutton can improve digestive function and increase appetite, mutton can also drive away cold and keep warm, which has a good therapeutic effect for people with cold hands and feet in winter.

Promoting blood circulation

Mutton is rich in L-carnitine, which helps to promote fat metabolism, increase energy production, and maintain blood circulation and heart function. For cardiovascular disease, moderate consumption of lamb can help improve cardiovascular health.

Tonifying kidney and strengthening Yang

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine diet, mutton enters the kidney channel, so for people with deficiency, kidney Yang loss, waist and knees sour and soft, if the appropriate consumption of mutton, it can have a good effect of warming and tonifying Yang, and then alleviate the above symptoms will be very obvious.

Then let’s learn how to buy lamb

Site selection

When buying lamb, give priority to these 4 parts of meat, sheep brain, lamb tenderloin, lamb neck, lamb leg, these are the essence.

Looking at the color

The quality lamb is pink in color, and the lamb is only 160 days old from birth to slaughter, which ensures the freshness of the meat. When buying, pay attention to the selection of evenly colored meat rolls, and the color of meat rolls mixed with other meat is different.


Normal mutton has a light smell, if the smell is very strong, it is not fresh, if there is a stink, sour, pungent smell, there must be a problem with the mutton.

Depending on the price

Most of the lamb that is too cheap is mixed with other meat, but the proportion of lamb is not marked on the package, which is a “hanging sheep’s head to sell dog meat.”


When picking lamb, you can touch it with clean hands, and if it feels sticky, it can easily stick something similar to a small piece of paper, which may be relatively fresh. It will not feel like this if it is watered or if it has been aged for a long time.

Finally, let’s understand what delicious ways to eat lamb?

Stir-Fried Lamb with Cumin

Method: After the mutton is washed and cut into slices, add cooking wine, salt and wet starch, grasp together and marinate for 20 minutes to make it taste. Then heat some hot oil in the wok, put the garlic and cumin together and stir until fragrant, then pour in the marinated lamb and stir-fry until the lamb changes color, and finally add light soy sauce to taste and color, add cumin powder, sprinkle some green onion and cooked sesame seeds to embellish the wok.

Stir-Fried Sliced Lamb with Scallion

Method: After the mutton is washed and sliced, add an egg, cooking wine, salt and a little starch, and then grasp well and marinate for a while. Marinated mutton time with minced garlic, rice wine, light soy sauce, sugar and other spices to prepare a bowl of juice. Add a little more oil to the wok, heat up, add onion, ginger, garlic and dried chili until fragrant, and then fry the mutton together until the surface of the mutton is white, and add a little onion and stir fry a few times.

Mutton soup with yam

How to do it: Cut the lamb into small pieces and the yams into hob pieces. Mutton first blanch, and then take it out into the casserole, add onion and ginger and cooking wine, Sichuan pepper, cooking wine, boil with high heat first, then change to a low heat simmer for an hour, then add yam and salt, continue to cook for half an hour, and finally sprinkle some pepper can be out of the pot.

The above is about lamb related knowledge to share, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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