What to drink at work?

Work is easy to tired, at this time if you drink water people will be more energetic, this article will take us to understand what is good to drink at the office?

Brown sugar, ginger and date tea

Ingredients: brown sugar, ginger cubes, red dates

Efficacy: Suitable for people with insufficient qi and blood, cold hands and feet, and fear of cold, it can effectively replenish qi and blood, regulate YJ, drink during menstruation, relieve dysmenorrhea, and keep warm. It can also be used to regulate postpartum cold.

Lemon jasmine tea

Ingredients: Lemon, Jasmine, chrysanthemum, rose

Efficacy: Suitable for acne, spot, yellow face of the crowd. Because lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, can prevent the precipitation of melanin, play a whitening skin effect. Can also remove acne, fade acne mark, weight loss, to greasy.

American ginseng tea with wolfberry

Ingredients: Wolfberry, American ginseng, jujube, Astragalus

Efficacy: Suitable for people with high working pressure, staying up late, physical fatigue and insufficient qi and blood. It can invigorate qi and refresh, help fight fatigue, nourish Yin and tonify kidney, and also enhance immunity.

Mulberry rose tea

Ingredients: Mulberry, rose, red date, lily, Tuckahoe

Efficacy: Suitable for people who often stay up late, face dull, rough and dull. It can beautify, improve complexion, regulate endocrine disorders, and improve dry skin. This flower tea is also the actor Sun Li shared that work often drink health tea, suitable for all year round, not cold and not dry.

Green tea

The taste of green tea is fresh, and it is favored by many people in life, and it also contains carotene, vitamin A, etc., which can alleviate dry eyes fatigue and nourish the eyes, which is of great benefit to the computer family who needs to see electronic devices for a long time.

Chrysanthemum tea

After brewing, the nutrients are completely melted in the tea soup, which can refresh the mind and relieve eye soreness and fatigue. Office workers can often drink green Chi chrysanthemum, and insist on brewing and drinking every day, which can help relieve physical fatigue and irritability.


Honey is a natural nutrition, can moisten the lungs and intestines, because the office family sedentary do not exercise, easy to cause constipation, and honey just can alleviate this problem.


Lemon water is rich in vitamins, which can eliminate skin pigmentation and play a whitening role. At the same time, it can prevent and assist the treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction.

The above is about what is good to drink at the office to share relevant knowledge, I hope it can help you.

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