What types of honey are there?

Honey is nutritious, good taste, many people love to drink, this article takes you to understand the types of honey?

What types of honey are there?

Honey of various flowers

It is made from nectar collected by bees from a variety of plants, and its color varies depending on the source plant. The texture is viscous, transparent and shiny, easy to crystallize, and is light yellow or yellowish fat after crystallization.

Native honey

It is brewed from wild flowers collected by Apis Cerana sinensis. It is a thick and shiny light amber to dark amber color when uncrystallized. Easy to crystallize, after crystallization is light or yellowish fat or fine granular.

Honey of litchi

Litchi honey is extracted by bees during the blooming of litchi in summer. Its color is reddish-brown, and it has a rich flavor and sweet taste of litchi. Litchi honey has a very good tonifying effect, can moisten the lungs to relieve cough, tonifying qi, for summer heat also has a good effect.

Honey of longan

The nutritional composition of Longan honey is much the same as that of other honey, but the protein content of Longan honey is the highest in all single nectar, and the mineral content of Longan honey is also extremely rich, so that Longan honey is more focused on nourishing blood and calming.

Locust honey

Acacia honey is the first of the four famous honey in China, the honey source is generally far away from human activity areas, so the quality is clean and not easy to be polluted, and the taste is fragrant, sweet and not greasy.

Date honey

Jujube nectar is dark red, thicker texture, is not easy to crystallize honey species. “Honey is the essence of all flowers”, so jujube nectar is more suitable for women.

Then let’s understand how to choose high-quality honey?

By smell

When choosing honey, you can open the package and smell it. If there is a very strong flower fragrance, it means that the quality of honey is good, if there is no taste at all. Just a hint of sweetness, and the quality is worse.

Seeing the precipitation

If you have bought honey, but want to know whether it is good honey, you can soak a cup of honey water and leave it at room temperature. After a few days, if the honey water is still very transparent, it is good honey, if the honey water produces a lot of sediment, you have to doubt the quality of the honey.

Looking at the speed of the flow

Good quality honey has low water content, and poor quality honey may add a lot of water, so the quality of honey can be seen from the flow speed of honey. If the flow speed is very slow, it means that the honey is very viscous, it means that the honey has a relatively high sugar content and a relatively low water content. If the flow speed is very fast, a stir with chopsticks will soon stay, and it is not sticky at all, which means that the sugar content of honey is relatively small, the moisture content is relatively high, and it is not a good honey.

Looking at the appearance

Different types of honey are not the same color, for example, locust honey color is relatively light, mixed nectar color is relatively dark. Before choosing a certain type of honey, it is necessary to do a good job of understanding what color is the best type of honey. In addition to looking at the color, but also to see his transparent or not the problem, if the honey is not particularly transparent, is a more moist gelatinous liquid, it is a good honey, if it looks particularly crystal clear, it may have some problems in quality.

Looking at the list of ingredients on the package

In real life, people do not have the conditions to directly go to the honey factory to buy honey, they are in the supermarket or honey shop to buy honey. When choosing honey, you can look at the honey packaging and look at the ingredients marked on the ingredient list. Under normal circumstances, there will be no other ingredients on the ingredients list of honey, if sugar or some other substance is added, it means that the honey is not pure, not good honey.

Finally, what are the precautions for drinking honey?

The water temperature should not be too high

Honey do not use boiling water to brew, because honey contains very rich nutrients, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, a variety of minerals and a variety of enzymes, so when brewing, the temperature of the water can not exceed 60 degrees, otherwise it will destroy the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained in honey.

Do not eat too much

The dosage of honey is best in 25 grams to 50 grams each time, preferably not 50 grams. Otherwise, the human body will not be able to absorb too much nutrition, and may cause mild diarrhea, as well as cause obesity.

You can’t drink honey water on an empty stomach

Can not drink honey water on an empty stomach, because drinking honey water on an empty stomach will make the stomach acid secretion too much, and then harm the stomach mucosa. It is recommended to drink it one and a half to two hours after a meal, when drinking honey water can help digestion. In addition, it is recommended not to drink honey water before going to bed, especially people with high blood sugar and diabetes.

The above is about honey related knowledge sharing, I hope it can help you.

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