What types of sugar are eaten?

There are many types of sugar that are enjoyed by many people, and this article will tell us more about sugar consumption.

What types of sugar are eaten?

Cane sugar

Sugar extracted from sugarcane is one of the most common edible sugars and the main component of commonly consumed white granulated sugar.


It is mainly found in fruits and can also be extracted through processing. It is a natural monosaccharide.


Made from pollen and nectar collected by bees, it contains a variety of sugars, including glucose and fructose.

Brown sugar

The sugar that has not been refined and bleached during the production process retains more molasses and other ingredients, and presents a dark color and special flavor.

Coconut sugar

The juice from the coconut tree is concentrated and crystallized to make sugar, which is commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking.

White granulated sugar

White sugar is the most widely used sugar in daily life, containing more than 95% of sucrose crystals, lower water content than white sugar, larger crystal particles, after refining and bleaching made, is a commonly used seasoning, is also the most commonly used sweetener, daily life refers to “sugar” usually refers to white sugar.

Rock candy

Rock sugar is an ice-like crystal made of white granulated sugar, which is formulated from sucrose and protein raw materials and recrystallized after re-dissolution and crystallization treatment. There are two kinds of single crystal and polycrystal, which are transparent or translucent.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar production does not produce waste honey, compared with white sugar, brown sugar purity is lower than white sugar, and the water is slightly higher than white sugar, so brown sugar than white sugar sugar production rate is higher.

The above article mainly introduces 8 types of edible sugar, hopefully this article will let you know more about the types of edible sugar

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