What types of vinegar are there?

There are many types of vinegar, which are loved by many people. This article will take us to learn more about vinegar. Let’s take a look.

What types of vinegar are there?

White vinegar

Made from grain such as rice or wheat, it is often used for cooking and cleaning.

Apple cider vinegar

Made from fermented apples, it has a natural sour and fruity taste and is believed to contribute to health.

Red wine vinegar

Fermented from red wine, it has a strong fruit and wine flavor and is often used in salad dressings and dressings.

White grape vinegar

Similar to red wine vinegar, but fermented with white wine, it has a milder taste.

Rice vinegar

Common in Asia, it is mainly fermented from rice, has a unique sweet and sour taste, and is used in Asian dishes.

Mature vinegar

After a long time of fermentation and aging, the taste is more intense, often used in special dishes or as gifts.

Spiced vinegar

Originating from China, it has a more unique flavor and aroma, and is mostly used for cooking and seasoning.

Fruit vinegar

In addition to apple cider vinegar, other fruits such as plums, peaches, strawberries, etc. can be used to make fruit vinegar, which often has the distinct flavor of a particular fruit.

Sauce and vinegar

Common in Asian countries such as China and Japan, it is fermented from soybeans or other beans, with a unique sauce flavor, and is mostly used in seasoning and cooking.

Black vinegar

It is a kind of vinegar unique to southern China. It is usually dark colored and fermented from glutinous rice, sugar, wheat and other raw materials. It has a mellow taste and unique sweetness and aroma.

Seafood vinegar

Common in Japan, it is fermented from seafood or seaweed as raw materials. It has the umami taste and special flavor of seafood, and is often used in sushi and other dishes.

Then let’s understand how to buy vinegar?


More bubbles are good, and this kind of bubble will exist for a long time, which is basically good.


Mainly look at the packaging of the vinegar bottle, look at the color of vinegar, etc., it is best to choose the vinegar in glass bottles when choosing packaging, because the antioxidant of the glass bottle is strong, and the shelf life will be longer.

Smelling and taste

Good vinegar is generally sour and not astringent, and will have sweet, generally speaking, the more acidic the better, the higher the concentration the better.

Finally, what are the precautions for eating vinegar?

Don’t consume vinegar on an empty stomach

It can irritate the stomach lining and secrete too much stomach acid, thus causing stomach distress.

Vinegar should be careful in moderation

A large amount of vinegar will have a great irritation to the stomach, and patients with gastrointestinal diseases should pay attention to appropriate amounts when eating.

Edible vinegar should not be consumed directly

It is best to dilute the vinegar to a certain extent every day before drinking.

The above is about vinegar related knowledge to share, I hope it can help you.

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